Flyte – September 30th, The Cookie 

Located in a basement bar on the High Street, The Cookie is an intimate venue that provides a platform for various genres of music. Alternative boy band Flyte graces us with their presence and headlined the stage with their debut album ‘The Loved Ones. They were supported by singer songwriter Elana and one-third of indie band – Humble He.  

To begin with we were serenaded by Elana and her beautifully painted guitar. Her voice was genuinely too perfect for words. As her tuneful notes filled the room with ease her lovely personality made us beam from ear to ear. I can safely say she was an absolute treat to listen to.  Up next was Humble He, who’s voiced sounded a lot like singer Hosier. Whilst his melodic songs were soothing, I felt like he would be an excellent artist to calm you down before sleeping rather than exciting you before a headlining act… but each to their own! 

Now, Flyte is made up of four very talented young men with a mysterious ‘indie’ and ‘alternative’ feel to them. Will Taylor, Nick Hill, Jon Supran and Sam Berridge make up the chilled out and finely dressed quartet who possess some excellent performance qualities. Taylor makes a fantastic front man and lead guitarist (who definitely winked at me!) with his witty charm and angelic voice. He’s accompanied by the marvellous Supran on the drums, Hill on bass and finally Berridge on guitar and keys. Their music absolutely took my breath away, especially their acapella rendition of ‘Archie, Marry Me’ which was chillingly beautiful and genuinely brought me to tears. In a good way, of course. We were also given a piece of exclusive information about the band’s inspiration for the album by Taylor. Apparently, ‘The Loved Ones’ was conceived in response to Evelyn Waugh’s satirical novel of the same name. How intriguing!  

To close their set they come off stage and sang in the centre of the audience which I have never seen before. It was a peaceful yet exciting ending to an engaging performance. For my first gig in Leicester I would say this was without a doubt a good place to start! A mere five-minute walk into the centre of town and £10 on the door to see a pretty decent band perform right in front of me was definitely worth it! If you are enticed by this article to experience some of Flyte’s music – follow our new Spotify account called ‘The Demon’! In junction with Demon FM, it will feature playlists of artists and recommendations made from our articles.