One thing to note is that this foursome definitely knows how to get a crowd riled up and excited for their imminent arrival on stage. Never before have I witnessed a band play an automated message demanding a packed venue of concert-goers to ‘put (their) middle fingers in the air’ and chant obscenities at them as they arrive for their set, nevertheless – I loved it.

Despite being on the road for three whole weeks before this night in Birmingham, the energy exploded from the stage and never faltered in the slightest during the two-hour set. Hit after hit kept the crowd bouncing (and, in some parts, moshing) from start to end.

Papa Roach’s set at the O2 Academy in Birmingham was full of surprises ranging from a cover of Blur’s ‘Song 2’, to Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’ – their very own tribute to the great late Chester Bennington.

Earlier this year their ninth studio album ‘Crooked Teeth’ debuted at number 20 on the Billboard 200 and number 1 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums chart, just more proof that this band is still going as strong as ever. Beginning the set with a bang, and the title track off their latest album, their experience of being on stage and controlling a crowd shone through throughout the performance. Three thousand fans went berserk as well-loved oldies such as ‘Last Resort’ and ‘Getting Away with Murder’ blasted through the venue, perfectly mixed in with the newer material – not to mention ‘Scars’ and that all-so-perfect slowed down version of ‘Lifeline’.

Fans wondered whether this tour would even go ahead after hearing of main man Jacoby Shaddix’s two surgeries for nodes on his vocal chords in the last year. But thankfully, he says that he is now in better shape than he has been in years. I’m not surprised, all that running around the stage and diving into crowds must be a workout! Even while running riot, he never missed a beat. The songs were belted out perfectly in tune and sounded great. They’ve been a band for 24 years. This show told me that they aren’t done yet!