Halloween is here and it’s time to break out the horror games. Games offer a unique experience of interactivity which often makes them much more engaging and enjoyable than movies, none more so than horror games. Whether you’re a horror fanatic or just somebody looking for a scare, here are five frightful games that will be sure to give you nightmares! Try them out, if you dare…  


As part of the F.E.A.R special forces unit, you’ll be investigating the strange phenomenon surrounding a man named Paxton Fettel, and uncovering the secrets surrounding a mysterious little girl in a red dress; Alma. This game certainly lives up to its name! The main source of this game’s horror is the tense and frightening atmosphere, particularly when Alma is around. The gameplay itself is that of a first-person shooter and it features a bullet-time mechanic which will provide you with enough fun to get you through the campaign. If you fancy some gory, paranormal fun this Halloween season this game will be sure to entertain you whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat!  

Amnesia: The Dark Descent:  

“Daniel, you must remember”: these are the opening words of the game’s protagonist. Set in the mid-19th Century, you will play as Daniel in the long since abandoned Brennenburg Castle. As you complete puzzles and try to piece your memory back together, you will discover there is evil in this castle. The game is a first-person survival horror and features no combat. Keep your wits about you as you hide in wardrobes and behind boxes to avoid being seen by the deformed creatures that are hunting you. This game relies heavily on the thick tension it creates in every dark corridor and your only solace is the light from the lantern in your hand. This game for those of you that are searching for a real scare! And by the way, the water monster is the scariest thing in any game. Ever.   


Tall, thin and creepy. This freaky and surprisingly free game took the internet by storm in 2012. You’ll be walking around looking for 8 pages. Sounds simple, right? It’s not. As you collect each page in the forest, slender man will start appearing behind trees and in bathrooms. Who is Slender man? It’s this large creature with tentacles that will eat your soul if you make direct eye contact with it. Your only weapon is your flashlight and your legs, which should be used to run as far away as you can! This game is very simplistic and basic but will provide you with a few hours of fun and more than enough jump scares to get you in the mood for Halloween.  

Resident Evil 4:  

Possibly the best entry in this franchise, help Leon Kennedy search for the president’s daughter who has been kidnapped by a sinister cult in rural Spain. You will soon learn that the terrifying cult is not to be messed with! This game will keep you on your toes as soon as you hear that first chainsaw roaring. Featuring fantastic third-person shooter combat and more karate kicks then you can count – this game is a must play for anybody who is genuinely looking for a frightening challenge. Just make sure that when playing this you remain calm and don’t lose your head!  

Darkest Dungeon:  

Restore your family’s honour in this Rogue-Like RPG which will have you pulling your hair out in frustration! Darkest Dungeon is a turn-based RPG which is extremely hard and fast-paced. You will form a guild and send mercenaries to their doom in the dungeons as they gain loot and experience to gear up for harder dungeons and bosses. This game features a great art style and an interesting stress and mental health system which gives each of your mercenaries their own personality and significantly affects gameplay. This is a game that is perfect for those looking for a fun but less spooky night in this Halloween.   

So, there you have it, a selection of five fantastically gruesome games that will keep you more than occupied for Halloween. Stay safe and have fun!  

Posted by Charlie Merrell

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