The 12th of October saw modern-day pirate heroes Blackbeard’s Tea Party shared a part of their ‘Ten YAAR Anniversary Tour!’ here in Leicester at The Cookie.

The small underground venue was at capacity with eager fans waiting to partake in a wholesome hoedown before the band had even appeared on stage.

Before that, however, space was warmed up by supporting band Inlak’esh, a four-piece acoustic band from Milton Keynes, complete with two guitarists, a bassist and drummer.

Their style was highly intricate and rhythmical guitar/bass playing alongside groovy drum licks to create their unique, heavy and complex sound. Their music mixes elements of hard rock, Spanish-style guitar and echoes of traditional Greek folk dance at one point. Their unique sound got the crowd moving without much encouragement.

To describe their sound would perhaps be either like Incubus, but way more intricate, or like Black Sabbath, but acoustic – due to their fast-paced and enigmatic rhythm on guitar sounding like metal but without the aux. If these guys ever play a gig near you, it is well worth visiting them as you will experience an unfathomable but equally engaging kind of music.

Onto the main slice of the evening, where our Yorkshire-based pirates took to the stage and picked the energy straight back up with their song I Can Hew, a jolly, rocky and communal jingle.

The band spared no time between songs, keeping the energy alive with their folksy beats. Except when frontman, Stuart Giddens, introduced the band’s history in his playful manner or ask the audience to contribute by shouting out their favourite ‘pirate sayings’ – to which the crowd immediately responded with ‘Shiver me timbers!’

Giddens then amused the crowd by claiming that was the first time in ten years than an audience has taken him up on his request.

It was evident that the band have been playing together for a long time, as their instrumental performances were on point and complimented each other so well, especially Laura Boston-Barber’s violin with Giddens’ accordion, that he would occasionally bring on stage.

The range of instruments and the crowd’s reaction made the venue feel like a true Ceilidh was in place, minus the vigorous dancing (well, partly).

The band closed with their jesting song Chicken on a Raft, which had explicit dance moves to follow for the chorus. The crowd were more than happy to oblige (including me!).

If you fancy experiencing a kind of music you don’t see much of at gigs, then the Blackbeard gang are your antidote! The ‘Ten Yaar Anniversary Tour!’ continues in the UK until 14th December.