The infamous rock band My Chemical Romance surprised fans in the winter of 2019 with their triumphant return. ‘MCR Return’ was a one-off gig in Los Angeles and the band’s first performance in eight years. As we now know, this was a precursor to the band’s full comeback planned in 2020.

The band previously split in 2013 following their last record, “Danger Days”, due to personal reasons. Gerard Way, their lead singer, announced in an intimate statement that the band was ‘done,’ as it had fulfilled its purpose at the time for its members.

My Chemical Romance has now announced tour dates in the UK- June 18th, 20th, and 21st in Milton Keynes. The first show, which was initially listed as the only show they would be performing in the UK, sold out in mere seconds after they became available on January 24th. However, because of the huge demand, they have added a 2nd and 3rd date to appease fans who may have missed the chance, giving us all the opportunity to see the emo/rock legends for the first time in almost a decade.

The band has now announced future shows in other countries around the globe, fuelling the theories of a new album and more tours with opportunities to see them very soon. Gerard Way is known for his mysterious and cryptic nature, so there is no surprise when new artwork and videos were shown-off on the band’s social media. The majority of fans now expect to see new songs from the New Jersey boys.

The name Gerard Way may be familiar to comic books fans as he is responsible for the creation of ‘The Umbrella Academy’. A series of comics written by the famed singer and recently adapted into a hit Netflix show with new fans all over the world.

Whether you’re a fan, a hater, or have never heard them before, you have to respect any band that wants to reunite and provide joy to the fans that have been missing them for years.

Here’s hoping we hear more from MCR in the future and they Give ‘Em Hell, Kid.