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Demon Theatre’s Summer Garden Party

To celebrate 50 years of Demon Theatre, we have organised a Summer Garden Party. This event will take place on Friday 13th May, at the Campus Centre steps at De Montfort University. The day will start at 12pm and will...

/ 7th May 2016

DMU Wiccan Society

DMU Wiccans and Neopagans is a new society aiming to teach others about the basic principles of neopaganism and Wicca, including meditation, divination, crystal and herbal work and spell craft. We welcome all beliefs, and hope to learn some new...

/ 30th September 2015

The psychology behind love

Valentine’s Day is drawing near, and love is in the air. Cards will be bought, chocolate will be consumed and public displays of affection will be at an all-time high. Many of you will receive each of these things, I,...

/ 12th February 2015