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YourWord: The Christmas spirit

It is that time of year again, folks: the Christmas lights are on in the City Centre, Christmas music can be heard faintly echoing through small shops, Christmas greetings are whispered by those in passing, and thus, the happiest time...

/ 24th November 2014

Ten Types of Tourists: The Good, The Bad, and The Photobombers

This weekend I went to London to bask in all of its glory. As you already know, anytime you go into a big city and try to see major tourist attractions  it is going to be packed with, well, tourists....

/ 12th November 2014

YourWord: Kids

More than Whiny Pooping Machines? I have been known to not be the biggest fan of kids. I may or may not in the past have referred to the little monsters as snot-rockets, parasites, liabilities, accidents, demons, and scary aliens....

/ 5th November 2014