Leicester City Council has revealed that it will spend over £10 million pounds to expand the city’s main bus station.

Haymarket bus station, situated on Charles Street behind the shopping centre of the same name, will be revamped to include eleven new stands.

DMU student Sam Smith said, of the current bus station, “I’m ashamed to enter the premises at times due to the standard of the general facilities.

“The toilets are a disgrace, the waiting area is always cold despite being inside, and the buses don’t arrive in their designated spots!

“Overall, the revamp can’t come soon enough for those of us who use the station and its services regularly.”

The city council is also bidding for funding from the Department of Transport, which could add up to £3.5 million to the fund.

A council spokesman said the project would “help ease bus congestion and queuing” issues at the facility.

To make room for the increase in size of the station, several commercial buildings in the surrounding area will be demolished.

This will also result in an improvement in public access.

The bus station serves 20,000 people a day and acts as a base for 25 local bus services.

Plans for the project are on display at Haymarket bus station.