The latest add-on for the hugely popular series that is Mass Effect comes in the form of The Citadel, a piece of DLC which gives the player a deeper insight into the characters and locations of the Mass Effect universe, all the while embroiling the player in an intricate plot of betrayal and envy.

The narrative of the add-on involves a sinister plot against Commander Shepard, this opens up areas of The Citadel which were previously not included within the game. The combat is against new enemies that are of a higher standard than the opposition previously present within Mass Effect 3.

However after the main plot has been resolved the add-on really opens up, it allows the player to interact with their squad mates from games old and new. Bioware have developed these characters to a point which they feel like actual people, the player is able to engage with the NPC’s emotions and views in a way that is infinitely more detailed than ever before.

Mass Effect’s newest DLC also includes a combat simulator similar to that present in Mass Effect 1’s DLC Pinnacle Station, this comes complete with side missions connected with it which encourages players to engage in more challenging situations in order to gain a higher level of rewards.

There is a slight downside to this DLC, in that the combat aspects of The Citadel are way too short, the combat as a whole is 3 hours at maximum, this really restricts the potential of The Citadel, and forces the player to immerse themselves in the lore. If you are a player that has Mass Effect 3 for the combat and the gameplay this is not the DLC for you.

On the plus side for the DLC for lore-nerds like me this is a dream come true, it allows players to see another side to the characters available in the universe, if you are invested in this series this DLC will make you laugh, cry and will get you to jump straight back into the series. After this DLC you will want to play the 3 games again, if only to experience the life and times of the characters surrounding Commander Shepard, just one more time.

Overall this DLC will last roughly 5 or 6 hours, for 10 pounds this over all consoles this could be viewed as a good purchase, it’s a pricey piece of DLC however it is entirely, in my opinion, worth it. This is by far the greatest piece of Mass Effect DLC to date.

Unfortunately this is likely to be the last piece of DLC for the series, but it is a fitting end to a role playing series that has been a major presence within the gaming world for the last 6 years. Bioware has done a stellar job with this DLC and it is the ending that this series so richly deserved.