A British student has been banned from keeping animals for eight years after frying his flatmate’s hamster.

The York University student, James White, 21, said: “I f****** fried it!” in a drunken stupor to the police upon their arrival at his accommodation.

He also claimed his name was “1, 2, 3, 4.”

Prosecution said that White was found drunkenly collapsed on the floor and refused treatment from paramedics.

Police were called to the residence when a fight broke out between White and his fellow flatmate.

Constables reported that when they arrived “a pungent aroma” could be smelt coming from the kitchen.

Officers then found the pet dead on a burning hob.

James White has since admitted that he killed the hamster but said it was dead before the incident.

District judge Roy Anderson read a letter from White’s flatmate, who said that he hadn’t had time to name his pet before it died.

He said: “By your treatment of this small, unfortunate rodent you have destroyed your character.”

The judge sentenced White as if the hamster was confirmed dead before the incident as investigations could not prove otherwise.

He was given an eight year animal keeping ban, twelve months probationary supervision and is required to pay £1,000 in costs to the prosecution.

James White is in the final year of a Politics and International Relations degree and still lives with the hamster owner but claims he has no recollection of the evening when this occurrence happened.