To tweet or not to tweet, that is the status. Having just celebrated its seventh birthday, Twitter has gone from strength to strength in its short life. Now I personally only joined the Twitter train last year and I found myself favouring the network.

Initially I questioned the 140 character limit and being someone who was known to post mini monologue statuses, I didn’t see the relationship lasting. However, keeping it short and sweet was easier than I thought and I found people listened more when you were to the point, and that’s where the fun started.

The great thing with Twitter is that you can follow who you like and if you take that in a non-creepy context, you’ve got a portal for endless possibilities. Times I had heard my friends say someone had re-tweeted their comment and I soon realised that communicating with friends and those in the know, was even easier than before.

Finding and publicising events and opportunities became my main go-to on Twitter and when my own enthusiasm for this was favourited and re-tweeted by friends and DMU academics, I felt my appreciation for the network grow. Being able to voice my opinion to multiple people whilst making it open to the public, created a sense of community that other websites hadn’t done for me before. It was quick, simple and in 140 characters or less, I could promote, explain, muse, review and give a shout out in a way that could reach more people than I could on my Facebook page or blog.

With all of this being said, Twitter isn’t for everyone. If you are the type of person who likes to keep your 141 character plus thoughts to your friends: then this network might not float your boat. The same goes for those who don’t know anyone on the site and although it is easy to fit in, it might seem daunting for some. Don’t be disheartened though, Twitter is a fantastic add-on to promote yourself as a person or to show your skills and works well with personal websites. You will soon find yourself being followed, spoken to and being put in the right direction to help reach your goals.

If you don’t want to commit and become a ‘tweeter’ then you can still browse those who are and weigh up if you want to join us. Be warned though, it can be slightly addictive. Hashtag believeme.