I ’ve lived a life of total comfort. Never do I step out of the boundaries of that, and never do I look for anything new that would send my heartbeat up and make my breathing ragged. I’m fine in my zone, and there I shall remain forevermore. Ask me this question a few months ago, and maybe I would have given you that answer. I doubt I would even talk to somebody new, so I wouldn’t have given you an answer at all. I probably would have collapsed into myself and formed a shell, not in which I lived, but to replace me.

But ask me now? I’d probably give you an answer.

Over the summer and during a reflection on first year, I realised I had achieved nothing other than slightly-above-average marks in my exams. See, learning and exams ARE my comfort zone, and within the colourful notes and exam papers, I thrive. Whilst the other nine of my flatmates were living their lives and breaking out of their comfort zones, which were formed through living in tiny, not-even-on-the-map towns, I huddled away. I stayed completely cocooned in not only my blanket, but my fear of everything that came with trying something new.

Failure, rejection, and an array of underwhelming feelings. ’Is this what is in store for me if I decide to put myself out there?’ I would ask myself every time. So, I didn’t.

But I’m tired of it now. I’m tired of living within the restrictions of my own worries, and my own comfort. I’m tired of an empty CV and an empty Instagram, and so I made a change. I changed my mindset, slowly but surely over the summer. I set myself the challenge to try something new daily in second year or say yes to something I wouldn’t normally.

Complementing someone on their outfit? I can do that.

‘Want to help throw an ABC party?’ Sure, I do!

Applying to help run a newly established society and tell them I am good enough for the job? I can definitely do that.

I always ignored those who told me to grab every opportunity with both hands. I sighed at their inability to understand that I simply cannot do that, and I could never do that. Not now, not ever.

But now I realise I can. And if I can, anybody can. Anyone can work towards experiencing new things, meeting new people and enjoying life. Even if it is just a step outside now, it will soon turn into a hop, a jump and then a leap. And soon, you’ll forget you were even chained up within yourself and forget your comfort zone entirely.