LARGE_POSTERContinuing the coverage of the upcoming Handmade Festival, Demon Media brings you the second video in our exclusive coverage.

This time, Naomi Edge caught up with Alexzandra Jackson, the curator of the film side of the festival, to discuss arts in Leicester, short film entries, and the exciting and newly formed, Handmade Cinema. Scroll down to watch the interview below.

Jackson, who runs the Leicester based group The Short Cinema, spoke of how she was approached by John Helps, curator of the festival, to create Handmade Cinema. Collaborating with Fraser West of WeTheConspirators, a Leicester based design and production collective, she said: “We came up with the idea of making Handmade Cinema a gig of music videos.

“The ethos of film and art being involved in the festival will carry on throughout the whole three days, but the actual Handmade Cinema event is on Sunday 26th, the last day of the festival.

“We don’t know what to expect. We’re looking for things of quality and merit. We’ve seen some of the entries so far, and there’s such a wide base of talent out there in the city, and the further East Midlands.”

Jackson also praised the work of curator John Helps on organising the festival. She said: “I think what John has done, which is go out on his own back, and got different sectors of the arts community in the city to come together to do things that are part of their expertise is really great. I think it’s just the start of things to come.”

The Handmade Cinema will run from 4-6 o’clock at Wygston’s House on Sunday 26th May. To watch the full interview with Alexzandra Jackson, please click below.

Handmade Festival runs from the 24th to the 26th May. Weekend tickets cost £25:00 and day tickets are £10:00. For more information, and full line-up details, please visit: