The moment you step into Treetop Adventure Golf you’re immediately immersed into the scenery with sounds of the jungle, overlooking the bright green trees and plants. This helps set you up, ready for an exciting mini-golf adventure. 

You can choose between two, themed, 18-hole courses. The Tropical Trail, if you fancy a trip to the lush jungle rainforest that’ll make you feel like a character in Jumanji, or The Ancient Explorer if you wish to explore the wonders of ancient history, surrounded by the characterful faces on Egyptian-esque tombs as you aim for a hole-in-one. 

My personal favourite is the Tropical Trail, with talking trees and nature at its core. Nevertheless, both of the courses are interactive, with flashing lights and motion sensors, which makes the experience even more fun. Depending on the time you go and how many friends you bring, each course takes roughly 30 minutes to one hour to complete. 

Mini golf is the perfect activity to do as a study break with friends. You can have lots of laughter – when someone gets too heavy-handed with their golf putter for example. It’s also a great way to add a spice of competition whoever loses buys a round for a champion! 

If you’re feeling peckish after beating all your friends at the mini-golf, I would recommend taking a seat in The Market, set in Amazonian Village for some stone-baked, fresh, hand-made pizzas and tropical cocktails, for a small price. If you’re looking for a post-golf bite or a feast before the game, then this is the one. 

They have a great mixture of cocktails with jungle twists; a classic monkey mojito made with dark rum, lime, fresh mint leaves and sugar syrup. If you fancy something fierier, try the tequila libre which is a Mexican classic raring to give your taste buds some flavour. 

With a minimalistic but mighty range of flavours and pizza toppings, an eight-inch hand-made pizza for just £5.75 is one to cheer about. I chose a classic pepperoni with mozzarella and it didn’t disappoint. The great amount of fresh, filling ingredients make an eight-inch a perfect size to satisfy your hunger. Especially if you have their delicious, warm garlic bread beforehand. What student wouldn’t love it? 

A game of mini-golf could be the best way to start a night out, as it’s bound to get everyone in a great mood for the night ahead, even if you lost (don’t be a sore loser!). It’s a great break from the library too, with a chance to take part in some real fun and games. 

Treetop offers great student discount (with a valid student ID) and it’s just a stones-throw from DMU campus, placed just outside of the Highcross shopping centre.  

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful; they even give out free samples of their sweet treats during the weekend! There is locker storage that takes £1 coins which you get back after use, this way you can store all your coats, bags and umbrellas away, so nothing is holding you back. 

Don’t forget to capture the memory of (hopefully) getting a hole-in-one, with their fun photo stand, where you can take a selfie or two, add filters, and share it on social media. 

A tip: the peak times are usually during weekends, so if you don’t want families impatiently waiting for you to take your turn, go during the week to get the most out of the mini-golf experience. 

Overall, Treetop Adventure Golf is a great place to hang out with friends, with inexpensive food and a wide choice of cocktails. If you want a taste of jungle adventure right on your doorstep, invite a group of your mates for some laughs and fun in the wilderness. 

Photos by Chloe Martin