Flipflops in Winter, going out without a jacket in the rain, wearing shorts whilst it’s hailing outside. Yes, I’ve seen it all. If this doesn’t make you feel shivery just by thinking about it, then keep reading, this one is for you.  

Spring is just around the corner, but for now, it’s still Winter, so why are people dressing like it’s a hot summers day in July? Underdressing for this time of year can be the cause for common Winter illnesses, like a cold or cough. This is why it’s important that we treat our health reasonably in this transition of the seasons. 

Clear sky and sun blinding you through your window are the perfect tricks to make it seem warmer than it really is, so make checking the weather a part of your morning routine. This can stop you from misjudging the temperature and getting out the front door and realising it’s rather cold and you don’t have a jacket for the rest of the day. 

Our bodies need protection from the cold, outside weather, especially if it’s windy or raining. Yes, you may have created a new outfit that’ll look amazing, but if you can’t stand outside in it without getting the shivers then maybe leave it for a few months’ time when we’re having a heatwave. It may be fashionable but chattering teeth isn’t a good look. 

Our body’s immune system is affected by the colder months because it wears down the defences against infection. So, it’s a good aim to get a daily dose of vitamin D to help your body fight any potential colds or coughs coming your way. 

This transitioning of the seasons is all about balance. Don’t be underdressed for the weather, but also don’t go out overdressed because it isn’t snowing. At this time of year, most places have the heating on so when you turn up to work or an event you don’t want to be a hot, sweaty mess because of all your layers that will take about half an hour to take off. Make sure you will be warm enough outside but allow yourself to be comfortable inside too. 

Give your body an extra helping hand by moving. Whether you’re stuck indoors and have a spare 30 minutes, then why not do a body workout. Not only will this give you endorphins, making you in a better mood, but it will also help reduce stress and help your body fight nasty, unwanted diseases that this time of year brings. 

Taking a break and going for a walk can be a great way to destress and clear your mind which will help improve your concentration and quality of work. You could even invite a friend for a walk and catch up, or even make it a jog. Just don’t wear shorts. 

The warm Summer months of waking up in 20-degree heat and spending the day with friends at the beach seem far away, but soon we’ll soon be focusing on sun cream and not getting heatstroke. So be present in the now and take advantage of the beauty that is Spring.