MarketDisclaimer: I am not being paid by any Birmingham tourist authorities for this piece nor am I employed by Birmingham City Council. I just bloody love Birmingham.

For many the start of the Christmas season is signified by the John Lewis or Coca Cola adverts, but for me it is the return of the Frankfurt Christmas Market to Birmingham. It is the biggest outside of Germany and has everything you could possibly desire from a Christmas market. From the Bullring all the way up to Victoria Square the street is lined with cosy wooden huts selling festive trinkets, not only from Germany but Birmingham also, which would be a delight in any Christmas stocking.

In my opinion the food, beer and mulled wine stalls steal the show: I highly recommend you wear your looser fitting jeans as your belly will be filled to the brim with delectable German sweet treats such as chocolate covered marshmallows and fruit (as I write I salivate at the thought).

But the show stopper has to be the German sausage.  With a number of huts boasting carousels of them there is no way you will be able to pay a visit to the market without sampling one.  It will be the biggest sausage you will ever eat! Plus it’ll go perfectly down with a swig of German beer or Glühwein mulled wine which are poured in authentic glasses.  The vendors are not stingy with their sizes either so on a more sensible note I recommend trying a few sausages before getting too carried away.


The best time to visit is in the evening: with the fairy lights sparkling on the huts even the most  characteristic Scrooge won’t be able to resist falling for its Christmas charm. Moreover, towards the  Victoria Square part of the market on a Friday and Saturday night there are usually live singing acts,    which will help to set your toes a-twinkle after a few pints. The friendly atmosphere will have you  intermingling with a variety of people which is what the festive season is all about; drinking, eating  and being merry!