Fearne Cotton has been a style icon of mine for as long as I can remember. Her effortless and unique way of dressing has always given me inspiration in times of need. A typical Fearne outfit might be shirt with a collar, quirky jumper and faux leather trousers, which, when paired together, ensures that her signature style is a simple yet sophisticated, allowing her to create outfits that have a charming amount of individualism.


Ever since Fearne paired up with Very, it has made it easier for us style enthusiasts to get the Fearne ‘look’ that is so recognisable and highly wanted. One of my favourite recent pieces from her collection is a simple black, strapless jumpsuit – classy yet fun, paired with some bright coloured heels and oversized accessories, it certainly is a Very (ha!) winning outfit.


What I also love about Fearne is her reluctant attitude for following trends, she wears what she likes and what she thinks looks good, not influenced by what’s popular or what’s considered as ‘sexy’.


Not only do I admire her style and eye for fashion but her hair is also something to lust over. She’s never conformed to what the media regards as sexy, but has recently been rocking a voluminous blonde ‘bob’ that suits her down to a T, and also goes hand in hand with her incredible sense of style.


All hail Fearne and superstar style!