Nobody is exactly the same.  Everybody has their own personality and distinctive looks. Women especially have different body types and shapes which have a major influence on how they dress and look.

I believe that everybody should be aware of their body shape and know the best way they can express themselves through how they dress, whilst complying with their certain body shape.

Through a series of articles I will be exploring pretty much every body shape and type in detail and the types of clothes you can wear to enhance your amazing figure.

Most women fit into the following body shapes:

body shapes

Inverted triangle:

–          Broad shoulders

–          Top half is bigger than your bottom half

–          Little distinction between your waist and hips

Lean column:

–          Curvy bottom

–          Slight disproportion from your top half compared to bottom half


–          Straight all the way down

–          Same size both top and bottom

–          Average body weight


–          Bigger than average bust (Top heavy)

–          Rounded shoulders

–          Strong legs


–          Thinner shoulders

–          Bigger hips

–          Small/ average bust


–          Same size top and bottom

–          Defined bust and bottom

–          Tight waist

Full hourglass:

–          Bigger thighs

–          Bigger than average bust and bottom

–          Same size top and bottom

Knowing your body shape is imperative as it’s not always about wearing what is considered fashionable at that moment in time, but what actually feels comfortable for you.  When going out to find a new outfit whether it is for going to a festival, holiday, or uni you need to find the clothes which will fit you.  The last thing you want is to encounter a ‘fashion faux pas’ by wearing something which does not accentuate you’re silhouette fully, and instead making you look like a walking fashion disaster. Don’t worry even I’ve had more than a few in my time.

Body type

Not only does your body shape determine what clothes are best suited to you best, but so does your body type. Agreed there is a thin line differentiating between body shape and body type, there are differences.   Some of you women may not fit into the above categories as easily as others as perhaps your one of the following:

Petite- Having quite a few friends who are considered ‘petite’ I know how hard it is to find items to fit your body shape; especially where there are limited options.  You know what they say though all good things come in small packages.

Average- The term ‘average’ may be a bit ambiguous here; however it goes for most women especially between the ages of 18 and 25, who simply have an average bust, bottom, and height. This may be the hardest type to find clothes for especially when you want to look your best but want to stand out from the crowd. So keep checking the website for the feature.

Tall- For you girls that are tall, and have the legs most girls dream of your body type, similar to petites is also not easy to shop for. However you are lucky in the sense that most high street shops such as Topshop have sections dedicated to your particular body type.

Could you imagine, however walking into any high street store and seeing sections such as hourglass or apple?

There you have the basic lowdown of how to establish your body shape and a quick run through body types. Over the next few weeks I will be writing a series of more detailed articles on how to dress for each of the above body shapes and types.