The Dyson Airwrap is a styling wand with multiple different heads which can style your hair in any way you desire. The complete package alongside the device has six different attachments. There are different brush heads for styling, wands for curling and the dryer.

I recently bought the Dyson Airwrap as it went viral on TikTok, I hadn’t bought any previous hair items from Dyson, so I thought I’d give it a try. People were intrigued by the new curling method style called the ‘Coanda effect.’ This uses new high-speed air to wrap the hair around the barrel resulting in minimum heat damage which is why girls were raving about it and rushing to buy it.

The complete set altogether including all attachments alongside the device was £449.99, so naturally, I had high expectations. I started by using the dryer on wet hair and I was impressed by how easily and fast it dried my hair, faster than any hairdryer I’ve ever used with half the noise. After three minutes my long past waist-length hair was dry.

After this I used the curling wand to achieve the look of loose curls, the ‘Coanda effect’ meant I didn’t have to manually wrap my hair around the wand which saved time and effort. It gave me loose bouncy curls which lasted throughout the day with hairspray. The attachments have an arrow to show which direction to wrap your hair for the best results. It has a cool shot button you press to set the curls, before turning the power off and releasing the curl. I found that the thinner inch barrels held my curls in for longer than the thicker inch barrels.

As my hair is very long and straight Asian hair the curls managed to stay in place and curl correctly for me. I used the volumising brush to create a salon-style wave look and it worked easily to create the wave but ended up falling flat and frizzy about half an hour later. It didn’t stay as ‘smooth and voluminous’ as it promised on the website. So, it wasn’t as successful as the curler and dryer. It was also harder to use than the wand and dryer as the brush ended up getting stuck in the middle of my hair and had to be tugged and ripped out.

Overall, I found that the Dyson Airwrap was good and effective when it came to drying and curling. It had half the noise, extremely fast hair drying, way less heat damage and automatic hair curling. However, the brushes let me down as they didn’t leave my hair shiny and smooth but frizzy and it was hard to manoeuvre. Was it worth £449.99? probably not that much, but it is still a great product for drying and curling long thick straight hair.