Here is the fourth specific body shape article exploring how to dress if you fit the body shape category; Apple.

From the previous body shapes I have written about, the apple body shape is harder to dress for due to having a well-rounded stomach and bigger than average bust area. However most if not all apple body shapes are blessed with slim hips, a great bottom and slim legs.


To determine whether you fit under the ‘apple’ body shape category, consider the following points:

  1. Do you have well rounded shoulders?
  2. Is your bust of an average to bigger size?
  3. Do you have a well distinguished waist?
  4. Are your legs slim or of an average size?

The most desirable aspects which you want to showcase now that you have established yourself as an apple body shape are your breasts, bottom and legs. Sometimes it can be hard to showcase all three at their best, but with the right guidance and following these simple tips, your greatest assets (breasts, bum and legs) will be shown at their best.

First your top half

When dressing your top half you want to focus on choosing garments which will sculpt your midriff, drawing in your waist area and at the same time you want to showcase your cleavage area. With your cleavage make sure your breasts are supported with a well fitted bra, so they will peek out even more under your garments as well as giving you much needed support.

Once you have a well fitted bra you can start applying the layers. Keep layering to as mineral to avoid your shape being appeared as even fuller than it is. Opt for tops with empire lines, V necks, side and back zips and tees which fit under your bust.  Now we’re heading into autumn a good fitted jacket will not only keep you warm but will add definition to your top half, showcasing your breasts and shoulders.

ASOS V neck Topshop blazer Wrap dress

Even though it is now September and the summer season is coming to an end,  with the right dress for the cooler days and nights you can show off those fabulous slim legs. The perfect type of dress for  the apple body shape are wrap dresses as they fit well under a fuller bust,  A-line dresses in strong prints or colours to draw the attention away from the waist and tummy area.

Bottom half

As well as a full bust, the best assets as I said earlier for apples are your legs and well-rounded bottom.  For jeans, keep it simple in a boot-cut style and either a darker colour denim or block colour jean.  For trousers whether you’re wearing them for an interview or going for a chic smart look opt for flat fronted and a straight leg.  To show of those legs and to draw your waist line in go for a classic A-line skirt either in a print or block colour.

RI skirt Topshop jeans ASOS A-line skirt

Even though they won’t be seen body control underwear will also help draw in your waist line giving the appearance of a slimmer waist.  Remember when it comes to your bottom half don’t hide in material with baggy trousers or skirts, go for styles which will help give the appearance of a slimmer body.


What is a woman without her accessories? As an apple shape it is best to keep jewellery to a minimum so not to over clutter your silhouette.  With regards to earrings, drop down dangly ones will draw attention to your upper half and towards your face, whilst bracelets and bangles will offset your outfit.  Long necklaces with say pendants will also draw the attention to your top half and to your cleavage.

Topshop earings RI bangles RI necklace

Extra Tips:

–          Avoid excessive fabric around your tummy area

–          Avoid over cluttering your silhouette with layering and too many accessories

–          Accentuate your assets: boobs, bum and legs

There you have another ‘how to dress for your body shape’ article. Let me know what you think in the comments below.