Sometimes someone’s outfit depends on their shoes. And as guys who can’t wear makeup, trainers are the best way to show your style. We’ve come up with our top 5 stylish trainers that can be worn on casual days and going out.


These timeless classics were obviously going to make it to the top 5. After being around for many years, they are still at the top and are very versatile. You can wear these with almost anything and a great plus they give you a laid back look when their dirtier than normal (save on the washing)



These have made a great come back this year with celebrities such as Joey Essex saying their a wardrobe staple however to change it up. The airmax hyper fuse editions are a great look. The USA versions come in all white, red and navy. These are great as they haven’t got colour combinations that might clash with your wardrobe.


Jordan Retro 5

For the Jordan fanatics we have the 2013 Jordan retro 5 grapes. Which have been a big hit this year and many shops sold out in the first week. However more have been released and they also come in black.


Nike moccasins

This is Nike’s take on the classic moccasin shoes. their also very comfortable so are suitable for running/exercise  as well as fashionable days. They also come in plain colours (much easier to find than the floral ones).


 New Balance 

This brand has made a big comeback since the ’90s’ trend has been in. They are usually running shoes but now many wear them for everyday. Great in burgundy, navy and black.


What are your favourites?