Leicester Fashion Week (LFW) SS20 showcased interesting looks and brands, as well as creating a modern runway. Here’s a breakdown of some of the trends and looks of the season:


This season saw a theme of vibrant prints. Omojevbe displayed an alternative look, as seen below, with a printed peplum top and neon green tutu. This runway in particular mixed afro-centric prints and styles with current trends. Another designer that exhibited vivid afro-centric patterns was Kwame Koranteng. This brand, which is known for its bespoke tailoring for men and women, showed off the Savannah forth by KKBT collection. This included shades of green intertwined with the intricate prints, that suit the Spring season. It is very inspiring to see black-owned fashion brands incorporating culture and style in a way that modernises classic pieces like the suit. There was also an interesting runway by Isabelle Pennington-Edmead, which used digitial prints and was inspired by her parents travel to the West Indies.

Photography by Joshua Keal


A trend that was also seen on the runway was sustainable and ethical clothing. One brand in particular called Fullalove, combined streetwear and sustainable wear. The belt bag trend has been very popular this year and the lilac/millennial purple trend has been seen on runways all season, and it seems this brand has caught on. With the increasing global climate issues, the step towards sustainable fashion is necessary in world where fast fashion is a currently dominating business. It is motivating to see the runway be able to voice this concern and address it.  

Photography by Plugged Designs


Lauren Real exhibited a unique runway with the use of wooden frames being incorporated into the outfit and created ‘windmill shoes’ to pair with it. The use of random objects to create a dress and accessories, really made this runway an interesting watch. There were also uses of traditional accessories merged with other pieces of clothing as Katherine J. Watts has done with belts as well as, combining it with the neon trend. After School’s distinctive use of bag straps and blending that with blazer jackets was intriguing, and another fascinating piece was the embellished chainmail headwear on the Coffin Ready runway. These runways brought a sense of freshness to LFW.

Photography by Joshua Keal


One of the biggest trends for runways this year is diversity in models. This was seen at New York Fashion Week with the Savage x Fenty show and is evidently a trend that was done well at LFW, across all the collections exhibited on the night. The inclusion of models that are out of the classic physical runway norm, with curvy body types to mature models. This representation of men and women of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes on the runway shows off a modern edge and we look forward to seeing more of this in the future of fashion.

Photography by Joshua Keal

It was a pleasure to go to LFW and to watch designers present their collections but, I think the most important take from this year’s runway is the increasing diversity and the influence of sustainable fashion. Which is driving improvements in fashion and culture that will hopefully be beneficial.