Going cruelty free with the beauty and skincare brands you use can make a huge difference. Animal testing is still an awful practice which takes place and everything we can do to reduce demand for these brands should be done where possible.

You may be thinking, how on Earth do I know where to start? Research is key when first looking into cruelty free brands. Go on the brand’s official website and look in their FAQ. The brand will most likely have their animal testing policy there for you to read.

However, there are some brands who won’t have their animal testing policy listed on their website. The next step is to contact the brand directly. Find their contact details, usually an email address, and ask them a few questions. I have done this myself for a few brands and have had both positive and negative results – It’s always worth a try!

Cruelty free brands you should be purchasing
Alternatively, you should also check the Cruelty Free International and PETA websites. These websites regularly undertake their own research into the cruelty free status of brands and you can always trust the Leaping Bunny Logo on your products.

Cruelty free blogs are also a wonderful source of information. Blogs such as Logical Harmony and Cruelty Free Kitty, keep up to date resources on cruelty free brands.

Now you know which brands are cruelty free – Time to head to the highstreet! Highstreet stores, such as Boots and Superdrug, stock a lot of cruelty free and affordable brands. Here are just five of those wonderful brands who produce long-lasting, pigmented and affordable beauty products.

  1. Sleek MakeUP

Sleek MakeUP are one of my favourite cruelty free brands. They have a lovely range of eye shadow palettes, highlighters and contour kits.

  1. MUA

MUA was one of the first makeup brands I ever purchased from. MUA is such an affordable brand and from liquid lipsticks to eyeshadows – they’ve got you covered for an affordable price.

  1. Barry M

Barry M do the best nail polish, am I right? And it’s cruelty free! They also have some gorgeous eye shadow palettes and liquid highlighter, too.

4. B. Makeup

B. Makeup is Superdrug’s own beauty brand. A lot of their products are vegan too! I would also recommend the B. Makeup Brush Cleanser, it’s a quick way to get your brushes clean without hurting any animals in the process.

5. Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution are known for producing a lot of ‘dupes’ for higher end brands. They have affordable eye shadow palettes, liquid lipsticks and highlighters galore!

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