Pastel Perfection. Ignoring the British ‘summer’ weather, these nails are ideal to bring that summer touch back to your look.

Using basic techniques, you can create this look in seconds.

Daisy Chain 3


You will need:

– Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine By Rita Ora – ‘Go Wild Er Ness’

– Rio Professional Nail Art – White

– Rio Professional Nail Art – Yellow


1. Paint one or two coats of purple onto your nails.

2. Using the nail art brush, paint white stripes on your little and index fingers.

3. Using the nail art pen, apply white dots to your middle finger.

4. Then, using the same technique, apply white dots to represent flower petals on your ring finger.

5. Using the yellow nail art pen, add a dot into the centre of each flower.

6. Apply a top coat for a long lasting finish.

I highly recommend the use of Rimmel’s London 60 Seconds Super Shine By Rita Ora collection. Not only is their a whole variety of colours to chose from; the nail polish itself can nearly last a whole week without a chip!

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