Following the succession of her first line; Topshop has stormed in with another killer collection for their collaboration with Kate Bosworth. Released earlier this year in LA, the collection has now hit stores and is expected to be another hit line for the store.

Making a stand amongst the neutral shades that have been predicted for the fashion front of Autumn/Winter 2013, this collection promises the same sass and rock and roll attitude that many have come to know Kate for. Whilst keeping with the minimalistic trend that has headlined the catwalks this year – the added statement of red, black and white has added a new contour to what we have previously seen from other designers.

For those who love monochrome, you are going to love this line, but I think the positive is that there is so much more variety for other who want to experiment with this look, or who also like to add a touch of colour to make an outfit really stand out. The simple designs of the clothes make them very versatile and allow personalisation for anyone who likes to keep on trend but add their own twist to really make a look their own.

It has a perfect balance of femininity; with a masculine silhouette. The leather trousers and simple block jackets add a clean cut style. But mixed with other pieces from the line they have the ability to give a wow factor to a look, and give it a bold and dynamic edge that is sometimes lacking when keeping within the conventional minimalistic boundaries. More than that it gives the impression of high end fashion but at affordable high street prices. The collection is casual enough that it can function practically as part of an everyday wardrobe and offers enough versatility for people to play around with, but also appeal to someone who perhaps isn’t as confident at making such a massive fashion statement. The pieces look good and you don’t have to be a fashion expert to wear them or on constant alert of the current fashion trends. It’s trendy but has enough androgyny for an individual fashion sense.

The line was launched earlier this week and so is available online at top shop and is already in stores; though I would recommend – if you are tempted to take a look – that it is worth not watching this space and getting there quickly – because I have a feeling that the pieces are going to go quickly! Don’t be put off by big names and stigma of Toshop because this one I think they have really hit the nail on the head with designing a line that can meet a lot of different styles and it’s definitely worth just taking a look at!

View more and shop here : The Collection Starring Kate Bosworth