Catalyst Week 1

Hello, music lovers!

Welcome to the first week of Catalyst’s guest slot on Demon Music!

Catalyst – if you don’t already know – is Demon FM’s specialist new music show, which plays out live Monday – Friday, 6pm – 8pm. Be sure to tune in each and every day to hear the best new music before it is played anywhere else!

Each week, we will be bringing you a selection of the top tracks that are currently playing on the show, right here on Demon Music. Much like the existing Monday Playlist, we hope that you discover some excellent up and coming and hidden talents, with which to expand your existing music collection!

So without further ado, let’s get on with the picks! See you next week for more Now Playing on Catalyst!

Tom 🙂

Head of Catalyst, Demon FM

1. The LaFontaines – ‘All She Knows’

A Scottish rap-rock band may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea but I encourage you all to give them a go.  This is their first release since signing to LAB Records, and is actually a more stripped back, almost ballad-like song in comparison to their usual party vibe.

2. Close Your Eyes – ‘Frame and Glass’

This is a through and through pop-punk song. It’s not often you find a new pop-punk band – I mean a real one – who are actually any good. Close Your Eyes, though, are one of those bands. ‘Frame and Glass’ featured in Catalyst’s  ‘Frightful Tale of House Oasis’ radio play, which can be found on our Soundcloud.

3. Lorde – ‘Royals’

We couldn’t share our first Now Playing on Catalyst post without including this stunning pop song from New Zealand chart topper, Lorde. We couldn’t! It is one of our current favourite pop songs on the Catalyst playlist and if you haven’t heard it yet, you’re seriously missing out.

4. Foxes – ‘Beauty Queen’

Yeah, that artist who contributed to Fall Out Boy’s ‘Just One Yesterday’ is actually from Southampton! That’s not important, but I lived near there. Songstress Foxes is part of a new breed of pop that is becoming more and more popular at the moment. By ‘new breed’, I mean the right kind of pop as opposed to the over produced, auto-tuned stuff that has been topping the charts in recent years. This is much more honest and a little rawer than normal – not to mention a whole lot better.

5. Avril Lavigne – ‘Rock N Roll’

“Let ‘em know that we’re still Rock ‘N’ Roll,” chants Avril as the song opens, and it’s brilliant! Gone are the days of Avril being an emo pop princess. No longer will we get songs like ‘Complicated’ or ‘I’m With You’ – and that’s okay! As much as I like ‘Rock N Roll’, it feels like Avril is trying a bit too hard with this one.

6. twenty one pilots – ‘House of Gold’

‘House of Gold’ often gets comments like ‘ooh I quite liked that actually’ after being played on our shows, so you know you’re onto a winner. Signed to the same label that launched Paramore and Fall Out Boy, twenty one pilots are a band to look out for, I recommend jumping on the hype now so you can be the cool hipster who liked them first!

7. Shy Girls – ‘Still Not Falling’

A chilled out love song is the perfect way to end this week’s Now Playing on Catalyst. I discovered this band while searching for new music for the show and I was instantly taken by it. It’s not my usual choice for music but I am so glad I found it!

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