DISNEY GROWS UP: Former child star Selena Gomez performs to hordes of screaming fans at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London. Photo (c) Lucy Wood/Sugarscape

 The crowd at the Hammersmith Apollo required only the presence of the Disney princess, Selena Gomez to get them dancing off their seats, during her first ever world tour!

The Sunday night began with the supporting act, The Vamps, warming the crowd up with their current single, ‘Can We Dance’. The excitement was consistent throughout the varied age crowd, from under 14’s to adults in their 40s, who all were prepared to get their Sunday night groove on!

The band interacted with the crowd through telling tales of their journey to stardom thanks to online media and more specifically, YouTube. They introduced their songs, spoke about their updates and how they ended up performing alongside Selena Gomez, which offered a welcome break between each brilliant song.

The current technological world that we’re all used to means  that we desire and have certain expectations of a live concert; from techno lights to digital projection, we all want to see the ‘wow’ factor –  especially when the performer herself is a worldwide pop sensation.

At 9pm, the crowd was stimulated by a digital projection of Gomez’s latest projects: her tour opening scenes; her work within fashion; and her walk to the stage. It was all very well presented, and the expected princess was not at all a Barbie doll, nor a making-the-crowd-wait diva. Selena was on time, energetic and on-point throughout her entire performance. In the course of her arrival on stage, the crowd rushed to the front to gain a closer look of their idol, and to welcome her an incredible enthusiasm.

The American actress and recording artist began her concert with a diss towards her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas. ‘Bang Bang Bang’ – taken from her third studio album When The Sun Goes Down –  is, as Selena quoted to Hollywood Life in 2011: “one of those songs that’s a diss and a compliment. It’s basically saying in a past relationship, that you may not have been treated properly and you kind of don’t really like that person, but there’s a new person in your life who makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world that matters. So it’s a sweet song…and a diss. But it’s really fun.”

The Stars Dance tour continued with ‘Like A Champion’, moving the audience to feel a sense of dominance and enjoyment, before then encouraging them to jump during ‘Write Your Name’. Selena stopped her performance to ask all her fans to celebrate her 21st Birthday with her, ahead of performed the apt track, ‘Birthday’.

TRUE POP PRINCESS: Selena shines in the promotional pictures for her 'Stars Dance' tour. Photo (c) Hollywood Records.

TRUE POP PRINCESS: Selena shines in the promotional pictures for her ‘Stars Dance’ tour. Photo (c) Hollywood Records.

During the heart-wrenching ‘Love Will Remember’, Selena elaborated on the rumours surrounding her relationship with global superstar, Justin Bieber. Gomez showed her love and appreciation for her fans, and said: “Being here with you guys tonight is an opportunity for me to thank you, and I want to thank you for one thing especially, very important to me, is that you trust me. And you come and you support me when I live thousands and thousands of miles away, and you guys continue to just make me the happiest ever and I can’t thank you guys enough. Thank you so much.”

With an overwhelmed audience, Selena evoked a genuine love for her fans, as well as an appreciation of the opportunity that she had to perform for them. She defined her title of  ‘pop princess’ with an air of elegance, talent and a humble attitude; something that helped her to achieve a deserved standing ovation at the show’s conclusion.

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