The first date for any girl is a nerve wrecking experience at the best of times and trying to figure out what to wear does not hinder these nerves. Dinner, drinks, or even if you’re planning to meet on an night out in the middle of the dancefloor, first impressions are everything. Grab your best friends, fling open your wardrobe doors and let’s get this outfit sorted. Follow our first date essentials, and you’ll be sure to make an impact.

Wherever your date ends up taking you, a pair of well fitting jeans is a safe bet. Denim has this astounding way to withstand time, despite all the current trend changes and new fabrics, the versatility ensures that they will forever withstand the test of time, and hey, what student doesn’t like an investment buy? At Demon Fashion, a pair of black skinny jeans is a wardrobe staple and often become a wardrobe favourite for us. Hangover? Perfect. No sleep? Even better – no need to be imaginative when simplicity works best! However, for a first date, they can ooze sex appeal (always a good thing!). To find an outfit that can be paired with anything is rare, but this is why denim is still around nearly 100 years after its entrance into the fashion hall of fame.

First Date - Jeans

As we enter the midst of winter, no matter what the occasion, a jacket is essential – I mean, come on, no one wants to be bright red from the freezing cold on their first date, right?  The high street has some beautiful jackets and coats on offer at the moment. H&M are particularly on form with their incorporation of androgynous styles and subtle fur lining. Topshop and ASOS have both taken inspiration from the Autumn/Winter 2013 catwalks and opted for pastel shades. Any of the above will suffice for a first date. Just make sure it’s cute, warm and fabulous. Coats do not have to be boring anymore. Leave the simple styles behind in our school days!

First Date - Jackets

Whilst winter might be pretty when the snows falls, or the colour of leaves begin to change, it does cause havoc for female footwear, and causes many wardrobe dilemmas for a first date. You can choose to be brave and wear killer heels, but, be prepared to fall head over heels – and not in a good way! Instead, try to choose a shoe with a chunky heel, sustainable fabric and good strong upper to protect you from the elements. Height gives the illusion of longer legs and shoes can pull any outfit together as well as make a pair of jeans from a mundane, everyday occurrence, to something phenomenal.

First Date - Shoes

Now you’ve had our round up of the best first date essentials, go and get ’em! Good luck!

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