Volunteers at last year’s Charity Week.

Members of De Montfort University’s Islamic Society are taking part in a student-led organisation in association with well-known registered charity, Islamic relief, in order to raise money for orphans and needy around the world.

Charity Week starts on Monday 28th October and takes place once every year with a one hundred per cent donation policy. The ISoc members will be holding a bake sale (which the DMU Baking Society has kindly offered to help out with), having mendhi (henna), auctions, selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts as well as other activities, which will be held all week outside the SU at De Montfort and near the Kimberlin Library.

The support to maintain this project has gained the support of many over the ten years of its course and about a hundred students from De Montfort have volunteered to help out.

Sanna Qureshi, a student at DMU and also the Media and Publicity representative for the Midlands region, claimed: “The main aim is to unite students and institutions across the whole of the UK to come together and raise money for orphans and needy children. Approximately £448, 000 was raised in total last year and an amazing £2.4 million has been raised since Charity Week began ten years ago.”

Charity Week is for everyone and every little contribution is of importance. The project is transparent within its means of helping the orphans and needy by supporting causes such as; sponsoring; providing healthcare, shelter and education needs; aiding parts of the world affected by natural disasters; and so on.

Last year, DMU raised £9,394.94 and hopes to raise even more this year and has rallied all De Montfort students to come together and support the great cause.