As well as checking out the runway and admiring all of the fabulous creations from all the designers, I also got the chance to have a chat with some of the brands that were at Fashion For Cancer.

The first brand I got to talk to was called Bight; a brand for those who have a spark in them and are willing to work hard to be rewarded.

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If you could define your brand in a few words what would you say?

The brand is all about representing the underdogs in life. So it’s for everyone with a bit of fight in them, those who haven’t just been given everything and want to work for what they have.

What was your main reason for attending this event?

The organisers asked me if I would be interested and I definitely was as I used to be a student here. Once I graduated from the graphic design course I started this. Cancer has also affected my family a lot so it just felt right being here.

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

My biggest inspiration might be Pharrell Williams. He started a brand when it wasn’t a natural time for him to start his own brand as he produces music, but it’s done really well for itself.

If you had to go partying with anyone from the fashion industry (aside from Pharrell), who would it be and why?

Probably that Cara Delevingne. She looks like she can have a good time.

Being an ex DMU student, what advice would you give fellow DMUers who want to get into the industry?

Believe in your own work. There will always be hurdles along the way but just take them as they come and you can get through them. It’s I’ve been going for about a year now and I’m still breaking into the industry- don’t give up.


The second brand I got to chat with was Vintage Haus Boutique, a great individual clothes and accessories seller.

If you could define your brand in 5 words or less what would you say?

It’s really hard to think of 5! Definitely Quirky. Quite Unique. Retro and colourful. I can’t think of anything else.

What inspired you to attend this event?

I am an ex DMU student anyway but I love the cause and try to do as much charity work as I can to help raise awareness.

What do you do when you aren’t ‘Vintage Haus Boutique’?

I’m a teacher by profession, after leaving uni with a Pharmaceutical Science degree but fashion is my passion and I wanted to follow that route.

As you don’t design your own pieces, what makes you choose them?

It’s a bit of east meets west really. I like to follow my own trends and just pick whatever catches my eye. Fashion can’t be defined, it’s whatever calls out to you.

What advice would you give to fellow DMU students who want to break into the industry?

Follow your dreams even if no one supports you. You need to work hard and don’t give up. Be ambitious.

Talking to the brands was amazing and it was great to see our DMU alumni doing so well. They are inspirations to us all.


When having a browse around at Fashion For Cancer, I got the chance to talk to some of the brands that were selling some of their gear to the members of the audience who came to watch the show.

The first brand I spoke to was Muted, a local skate brand whose target aim is for low-key bands and people who love that edgy/skate style.

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Photo taken by Leah Parker

What was your inspiration or reasoning for coming to this event today?

Well, we got an email and we always like to try and help out as many charity events as possible.

Do you do a lot of charity events?

We do what we can and we try to help out as much as possible!

What is the inspiration for your work?

It’s just to kind of help people by sponsoring small skaters as well as small bands. When I was growing up all of my friends were in small bands so if they got sent stuff from a clothing company, it meant the world to them. So that’s what we try and do, we try to send out as much stuff to small brands and skaters as we can.

Great! What would you give advice-wise to future DMU designers to get on this sort of track?

Just to have some ideas, show your designs and see if people like them. If they like your stuff, then get it made and start selling it.

Who are your style icons?
I don’t really have any as such. For our work, we take inspiration from loads of people, saying yeah “we’ll have some of that and that” from different brands we like, making ours unique.

If you could see one famous person wearing your brand, who would it be and why?

That’s a good question! I’m not too sure, maybe a few skaters or bigger brands. That’s our focus, so it’ll be nice to see the support back from them that they like the brand.

The next brand I spoke to was DIXI, a small jewellery brand with gorgeous rings and necklaces. Even though the original creators of the brand weren’t at the event, I spoke to the girls in their place who gave us an in sight into some of the jewellery trends and why they were at the event.

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Photo taken by Leah parker

What was the reason for you coming to the event today?

Well we’ve both been affected quite badly by Breast Cancer in our families, and Katie and I are really good friends so it’s good that she’s helping to creating so much awareness for it.

If you could see any one famous wearing the items by DIXI, who would it be and why?

I think Rachel Bilson would work quite a lot because of the feathered bracelets; it’s really boho like her style. The rings I could see being worn by Rosie from Made in Chelsea because she always has rings on the show.

If you could party with anybody in the fashion world, who would it be and why?

Probably Lauren Conrad or Whitney Port from The Hills, because I’m obsessed!

What was the reason you came to the event today?

I am the student ambassador for Girl Meets the Dress. I represent the company and some of the book clutches we have are being used during the show!

Very Charlotte Olympia! Tell us more about the company you represent.

It’s called Girl Meets the dress, it’s an online rental dress company where you can go online and it does casual dresses, accessories and proper ball gown dresses. You can rent them for a weekend or for seven days for a certain cost, so I’m here today to promote the company around the University.

How did you become the student ambassador for Girl Meets the Dress?

Through a girl I know who is one of the Marketing/PR people of the company.

Who is your personal style icon?

I have no idea! I like a lot of 90’s stuff, not today though! But I’m very into High Street – I’m behind it all the way – so whatever I can find there, I’ll piece it all together.

If you could party with anyone from the fashion world, who would it be and why?

Vivienne Westwood! She’s a bit out there, bit crazy and fun Hopefully she’d help me get into the industry too!

What advice would you give to any students who wanted to follow your footsteps into the industry you’re in now?

Grab every opportunity possible. Just taking to people and being extremely social helps a lot!

It was inspiring to see so many people making a living out what they love: clothes, style, fashion and making a name for themselves. Ultimately, these people are a group who have created a life for them from scratch after chasing what they love the most.