2017 has definitely been a big year for fashion, from the release of Fenty x Puma and Fenty Beauty, Rihanna has been decimating the fashion market and is now a global leader in the lead of acceptance. Furthermore, there have been multiple different fashion shows that have been leading the industry forward, Chanel, YSL and Yeezy are just a few who are keeping in line with the acceptance of being different.  

As 2018 rolls through, we can only expect new things and more exciting things from fashion. After research will all of the 2017 top trends, we can make assumptions for 2018. 2017’s biggest trends, included a large amount of vintage – clothes from the 70s, 80s and 90s were all big players – with brands such as Yeezy and Off-White including different staple pieces from the earlier periods. Street-wear was also a huge hit, again with Off-White alongside Balenciaga and Vetements all brung something to the street wear scene, and ultimately reshaping the street-wear scene. This year will be no different, with the large amount of colours and different materials that have been showcased over the past year, we can only assume that there will be a large range of different colours and fabrics that will be on show (Chanel PVC for example). 

As always, accessories dominate the industry. Handbags, Shoes and Trainers have made a lot of money. Gucci have been at the top of both shoes and handbags, with Fenty x Puma collab for the trainers. In 2018, Fenty will probably be the main runner with shoes and makeup after they left such a huge mark on 2017. Shortly, followed by Gucci – although sustainable fashion is becoming a trend lately, so perhaps we may see some Alexander Wang or Stella McQueen? 

To be honest, being able to predict fashion trends is extremely hard. I could predict one thing, and the literal opposite could happen in a second. The best thing we can do, is sit, wait and perhaps watch a few of the fashion shows!