On the last weekend of September Leicester’s High cross shopping centre hosted a two day fashion show extravaganza to celebrate their 5th birthday. The fashion show featured eight different Autumn’13 trends from brands within the shopping centre. Each scene showcased four outfits for women and two for men.

On the Saturday Demon fashion were lucky enough to head down to the Highcross to view the collections for ourselves. The show which was hosted by the glamorous Vanessa White, drew shoppers near eagerly awaiting a glimpse of the popstar fashion icon and of course this new season trends.

Vanessa White worse a gorgeous bodycon dress (as seen below) from Reeis, a jewelled necklace from Zara and black suede high heels.  Her curled hair and playful pink lipstick added to her simple yet elegant look.  The dress worn by Vanessa on the day can be purchased at £189 at Reiss from the Highcross. For us students this is a bit pricey so why not snoop around Topshop, River island and H &M (the holy trinity of shops for students in the Highcross), to get Vanessa’s look for less.

Vanessa white

At the show I was joined by the Lovey Anna Landi, who as most of you know is a frequent writer for the section. Sat on the front row we pointed out and whispered to each other our favourite looks of the show. I have the task of choosing my favourite Menswear outfit from each scene, where Anna gives you hers for the women’s. Check out her post here.  We were also joined by DMU photography student Sean Haidy who took the majority of photos which are showcased on both mine and Anna’s articles.

Scene One: The red Zone

The usual colours associated with Autumn/winter are grey, black and brown. This season is your chance to inject some heat into your normally cold wardrobe. Where for the girls the outfits were predominately red on the catwalk, the men were suited up by NEXT with an element of red. Personally I am not a fan of the same coloured tie and shirt but this time I think it works. Burgundy is a suave and easily integrating colour to your autumn wardrobe as a whole.

Red zone man 2

The model wore:

Next black suit jacket £64

Next burgundy shirt and tie set £28

Next black waistcoat £29

Next black suit trouser £29

Next black leather ‘double buckle’ shoes £50

As students the need for formal attire is not very high, however take elements of the outfit such as the shirt, waistcoat and shoes to smarten up your wardrobe for those special occasions.  And as I have said before a man is lost without a suit in his wardrobe.

Scene two: Grandma’s Attic

Fashion is always reoccurring. What once was fashionable in time will be fashionable again. This cleverly named trend Grandma’s attic takes inspiration from the 70’s as is perhaps more fashionable now than when it once was. My favourite outfit out of the two for this trend would have to be the one featured below. Bold prints have taken over menswear for the past few season and this season there is no change. The outfit is playful and almost reminds me of a school boy playing dress up. The whole outfit is form Levis, and even though a bit pricey for us students, the student lock-in is soon upon is, so invest in some of the items from this outfit.

Grandma's attic man 2

The model wore:

Navy and white arrow print shirt £70

Multi-coloured Aztec print chunky pullover £95

Levis green cord 511 trouser £70

Navy and brown beanie £30

Navy and tan rucksack £90

Scene three: Gothic Lace

I have always been a fan of black and black, despite not being able to rock the look myself.  Black is and always will be a key colour for Autumn/Winter. The trend Gothic lace showed how you can match black with darker colours such as navy blue. Compared to what the female models wore the menswear was simplistic and suave. Get the smouldering black look below from one of our favourite high street stores; River island.

Gothic lace man 2

The model wore:

River island black chunky jumper with faux leather neckline £38

River Island black slim fit jeans £38

River island black and navy suit jacket £70

Scene four:  Country Trad

The heritage and vintage trend has played a big part in the past two Autumn/winter season trends, and this year there is no difference. This trend Country trad saw a lot of tweed for both men and women on the catwalk as well as forestry colours such as browns and greens.  The outfit below may be a little out of a student budget but I absolutely love the Ted Baker paisley shirt. The paisley pattern has slowly made its way through to most high street stores but has not been overdone by designers.  The Ted Baker blazer on top of the shirt adds to the heritage feel, creating a country gentleman aesthetic.

curves and coats man 2

The model wore:

Ted Baker at John Lewis navy paisley shirt £90

Ted Baker at John Lewis grey wool blazer £250

Chester at John Lewis grey fine check trousers £150

Bertie at John Lewis tan leather brogue £110

Scene five: Curves & coats

Everyone needs a perfect winter coat for this time of the year, and you couldn’t do an  A/W fashion show without showcasing coats. The herringbone style jacket has also made its way through to popular high street stores and is a perfect alternative to a tweed blazer. The whole outfit worn by the model is from the higher end of the high street; Reiss. Once again the items listed below may be a bit out of our budgets but other stores such as Topman offer a cheaper navy blue herringbone jacket.  The outfit is made with the slim fit wool coat. The trend as a whole encourages layering which is a key thing to master for this coming season, for both men and women. Apologies for the lack of photograph but please check out Reiss online and the Reiss store in Highcross for the items listed below.

The model wore:

Reiss grey herringbone suit jacket and trousers £395

Reiss white cotton shirt with gold bar through collar £85

Reiss forest green knitted tie £55

Reiss triangle print teal hanky £20

Reiss black slim fit wool coat £245

John Lewis black and white dog tooth umbrella £20

Scene six: Tartan Twist

The Scottish pattern, tartan made a slight appearance in women’s fashion last autumn, but never made its way to menswear. Personally I believe that the below outfit would have been best featured under ‘Gothic lace’ with the faux leather trousers. On the other hand the monochrome look contrasted with the tartan print which the majority of female models wore.  Where tartan is sneaking its way through to menswear I think it’s one of those patterns which should stick to only women’s wear and on Scottish men’s quilts.

Tartan man 2

The model wore:

Zara white cotton shirt £29.99

Zara black faux leather trousers £49.99

Zara black skinny silk tie £22.99

Zara navy wool overcoat with leather trim £59.99

Zara black leather lace up shoe £79.99

Scene seven: Animal Instinct

The ‘animal instinct’ trend follows on from the ‘country trad’ trend. The principles pretty much stayed the same through what the models wore, but there was a heavier empathises on animal print.  The look below was more of a safari/military look with the camouflage parker and brogue boots. Apologies for the lack of photo for this trend. Check out the items below from the Gstar website or from the Highcross store.

Gstar forest green tapered jeans £90

Gstar forest green button front shirt £90

Gstar camouflage parker £270

Gstar brown leather brogue ankle boot £110

Gstar midnight blue felt bowler hat £70

Finale: Shine

The last look from the show was called ‘Shine’. For the women it was glitz and glam to the max with a 20’s style dress and bedazzled pure black suit. For the men as always simple was best. The below look again showcased a full outfit for next. The double buckle shoe is one of this seasons must have footwear for men.  The black satin skinny tie added a bit of exuberance to the outfit, proving that accessories can make and change an outfit.

shine man 1

The model wore:

Next black suit jacket £64

Next white shirt £20

Next black satin skinny tie £8

Next black waistcoat £29

Next black suit trouser £29

Next black leather ‘double buckle’ shoes £50

I would like to say a huge thank you to Highcross for hosting such a fabulous event and for allowing Demon fashion to cover it. All the outfits showcased here and at the show are available from Highcross, so make sure you go down and check them out. Most of the photographs apart from a few were taken by DMU student Sean Hiady.

All the collections wowed not only Demon fashion but the crowds to.  Most importantly did the outfits wow you? Let us know below.