On Saturday, I managed to cross something off my bucket list of things I could only dream of doing: going to a fashion show. The show was in celebration of Highcross’ 5th birthday, dedicated to this seasons autumn trends and hosted by Vanessa White, a member of girl group ‘The Saturdays’. The show covered trends such as ‘The Red Zone’, ‘Grandmas Attic’, ‘Country Trad’, ‘Shine’, ‘Curves and Coats’ and my two personal favourites ‘Gothic Lace’ and ‘Tartan Twist’.

The outfits were pieced together using clothes from stores in the shopping centre, including Zara, Reiss, Karen Millen, River Island and many more. I’m going to be giving the lowdown on my favourite outfits from each category of the women’s ensembles.

Scene one: The red zone

The first trend marks the start of the colour red being fed into our wardrobe. The fashion show was dedicated to colour and vibrancy, so the outfits showed to us certainly did that! My favourite outfit was an all-red ensemble from Zara, which showed not only elegance and class but a bit of danger and edge to a colour that I had previously not thought about adding into my wardrobe prior to this.

red zone 1

The model wore:

A red chiffon cross over back top, £25.99

Red chiffon trousers, £39.99

A red oversized statement necklace, £25.99,

Black open toe strap sandals, £39.99

And a red wool overcoat, £108, which was perfectly placed on her shoulders.

While I’ve never been too sure of having an outfit dedicated to one colour other than black, I noticed that red is as daring as any other colour but has the potential to bring you out of the crowd but still look fresh and amazing at the same time!

Scene two: Grandma’s Attic

After the red lights dimmed and changed to a subtle orange, it was time to move onto the next trend: ‘Grandmas Attic’. The trend spoke volumes from the name alone and the trend allowed us to get some ideas on how to dress like our grandparents – but in a cool kind of way. The outfits were cosy but at the same time they were really chic and almost cute.

Grandma's attic outfit 2

The outfit I loved most from this collection was the second one to be premiered by the models. It included:

A midnight blue carpet print dress with a tutu style skirt from Miss Selfridge, £45

Faux fur cream jacket from New Look, £34.99

A gold embellished statement necklace from Miss Selfridge, £16.50

A black fedora hat from Miss Selfridge, £25

Berry coloured crocodile skin shoes from New Look, £24.99

Scene three: Gothic lace

When we had a look at the programme to see what trend was next, I almost squealed in excitement as I read ‘Gothic Lace’. It may have not been the kind of gothic-theme that I am used to or that you would expect, but the theme was something quite out of the ordinary in the sense that the gothic theme was chic and classic. In fact my favourite outfit from the day, courtesy of Next, was from this section of the fashion show. Not only did I love the braveness of the suit-style that the model wore because of the lack of shirt under the blazer, but i also loved the sleekness of the look and how effortless it pulled together.

Gothic lace outfit 4

The outfit consisted of:

A black embellished jacket, £85

Cigarette trouser, £38

A black lace necklace, £10

Black sling back shoes, £32

Scene four: Country Trad

Up next was ‘Country Trad’, which was very much farmers wife but with a stylish twist. The mix of colours blended well together in a very country fashion with the oxblood/navy/green combination. It was interesting to see the country style in a twist, not the kind of Hannah Montana country girl that you expect. The outfit I liked best from this category, again, were pieces all chosen from Zara who seem to hit the nail on the head this season when it comes to trends.

country trad outfit 4

The outfit combination was:

A blue and burgundy sheer blouse, £29.99

Burgundy check trouser, £29.99

Navy wool tweed overcoat, £79.99

Black, blue and burgundy twin handle bag, £39.99

Oxblood heels, £39/99

Pearl and crystal statement necklace, £19.99

Scene five: Curves and Coats

The fifth outfit in the Autumn Fashion Fix show was based all around Curves and Coats. Now that autumn is upon us and winter is fast approaching, it seems like now is the optimum time to get to Highcross to buy our new winter coats for this season. The outfit I’ve chosen as my favourite from this collection is the perfect outfit to wear to any Christmas party you’ve got engraved on your calendar this season.  Not only is the pale grey suit that the model is wearing works great with the also pale grey of the suit that is perched perfectly on her shoulders, but the burgundy trilby and platform peep-toe heels with a pretty bow break up the outfit and make it a perfect mix of masculine-meets-feminine.

curves and coats outfit 2

The outfit consisted of:

Black and white contrast grid print blazer from Reiss, £245

Black and white contrast grid print blazer from Reiss, £120

A pale grey futuristic coat from Ted Baker at John Lewis, £299

Patent black shoes from Carvela at John Lewis, £100

A black leather bag with a gold trim from Ted Baker at John Lewis, £249

Scene Six: Tartan Twist

The next trend set at the Autumn Fashion Fix show was ‘Tartan Twist’, which I knew would be something that sounded right up my street. The outfits showed a mixture of classic tartan items from skirts, dungarees, and shirts to tickle your tartan fancy. However, my favourite outfit was something that I think I could take away with me for sure and replicate with my own wardrobe. It consisted three things I love and own as staple items in my wardrobe: Doc Martens, leather jacket and band t-shirts.

tartan twist outfit 3

The models outfit, courtesy of Bank, included:

A ‘Bowie’ print t-shirt, £22

A red, black and ivory tartan midi skirt, £25

A faux leather biker-style jacket, £60

Black Doc Martens £90

Scene seven: Animal instinct

The penultimate trend was named ‘Animal Instinct’ after the occasional animal print garment or general jungle feel to the outfit. The outfit I chose from this selection had pieces all chosen from Superdry, which had a safari-queen feel about it. There wasn’t any tan shirts or combat trousers; something typical of a safari outfit, but had a very feminine touch using a warm-meets-cold pallet of tan, navy and denim to combine together to create a cool yet simplistic outfit.

It consisted of:

A denim embroidered detail shirt, £49.99

A pale grey tweed skirt, £54.99

A navy military style jacket, £104.99

Tan leather ankle boots, £79.99

Finale: Shine

Finally, the last trend to showcase at the fashion show was aptly named ‘Shine’ for its glamour and evening wear consisting of dresses and other occasion wear that you might choose for parties and night events. The dresses were glittery, glamorous and had a Gatsby touch to it that you might find with a lot of dresses in seasons past. However, my favourite wasn’t a dress as you can probably imagine, instead a suit chosen from the Jonathan Saunders Edition at Debenhams and shoes from Faith at Debenhams. I have thought this for about a year and firmly believe that suits are the way forward – not only for men but for women to – because it helps you to stand out of the crowd in an unusually sexy way, The masculine-meets-feminine trend that has evolved beautifully over the years has helped this trend to take flight and enabled this particular outfit to stand out to me more than the others of this section.

shine outfit one

The outfit garments were:

A black and white chiffon blouse, £45

Black tux trousers, £50

A black tux jacket, £85

Black satin jewelled shoes, £70

As for hair and makeup, womens hair was styled in a messy updo including lots of texture, styled and assisted by Leicester College. Makeup wasn’t the neutral look we’re used to this season, eyes were dramatic, extending out from the eyelids to the temples in glittery shades of pink to embrace femininity at its peak, done by The Body Shop.

For more highlights on Highcross’ 5th Birthday celebratory fashion show, check out Ben’s highlights on the men’s fashion of the day as well as photographs taken of the outfits that we reviewed!