After a week full of fashion experiences including the Highcross Autumn Fashion Fix show and catching up on Milan and Paris fashion week, I bring you this weeks Spotted. This week includes the return of the ever-gorgeous model and lingerie designer Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely, model royalty and part of the panel for The Face Erin O’Connor and the Followill family also known as Kings of Leon.

Spotted: Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely snapped with real life action man hubby Jason Statham


I’ll start with RHW who has been photographed with her action-man actor boyfriend Jason Statham wearing a thin black jumper with a leather mini skirt, a brown print hand bag and pointed toe boots. The part of this outfit that I couldn’t take my eyes off was the gorgeous criss-cross patterned skirt. Skirts like this worn by Rosie are known to be perfect for pretty much any occasion, whether you’re on a night out worn with a white shirt or out during the day worn with a jumper similar to Rosie’s or with a band tee and your favourite pair of trainers or worn ankle boots. Thankfully for you and I, River Island have a leather skirt very similar to the English Rose. It might be quilted, which means the diamond pattern – like Rosie’s – are smaller and closer together, but for £18 you’re hitting the gold mine. Or leather mine. Score!

River Isl..

Spotted: The Face’s Erin O’Connor

Erin O'Connor

Erin O’Connor is starring alongside equal royalty in the modelling industry, Naomi Campbell, for new model-seeking TV show ‘The Face’. She was at an event for the programme wearing a gorgeous blue and black patterned sleeveless jumpsuit and a very interesting yet gorgeous pair of patent heels. There are probably a thousand reasons as to why I love this outfit so much, but to narrow it down to three, they would be the sharpness and edginess of the jumpsuit, the outfits simplicity in that there’s no unnecessary bling or attachments making the outfit busy and distracting and the jumpsuit itself. Fancy jumpsuits such as the one Erin is wearing perfectly are great for any occasion, similar to the previously mentioned leather skirt, dress it up for an evening and down for the day.

So I found the best priced jumpsuit I’ve ever seen in my entire life, brace yourself… Missguided, known for their cheap and cheerful yet stylish and cool clothing have a range of jumpsuits, simple yet comfy looking and easy to style into your own way, starting at a fraction of the price of one perhaps from Topshop or ASOS. The jumpsuit in question is strapless like Erin’s and is only £8.99! What a bargain indeed! For that price you can spend more on accessories and other things to contribute to an already fabulous sounding outfit. You’re welcome!


Spotted: The return of the four Nashville dudes, Kings of Leon who have the music industry in a frenzy, with their new album ‘Mechanical Bull’

Kings of Leon

One word and one word only, ladies and gents: denim. Denim, denim and more denim helped to piece together the outfits of Caleb, Michael, Cameron and Iven for a press day for their new album. I’ve mentioned time and time again how much I adore the staple leather jacket (which I’m hoping has taken flight and caused all the gentlemen who read this to run to your nearest H&M to get one), but this time I will display my undying love for the denim jacket – of course! I’m partial to an oversized denim jacket myself and found the most perfect Harley Davidson jacket at a Camden Market Vintage store.

Denim Jac..

Lucky for you lads, most stores do vintage jackets or vintage-looking ones, including the famous and popular acid wash and stone wash styles. Here is an option kindly given to us by ASOS for £40. The light material of the denim will ensure a casual look and will still let you work that double denim that has the fashion world part like the Red Sea. The tip to getting double denim right is making sure that one section of denim is lighter – or darker – than the other piece. Example: if you were to wear this jacket perhaps with a plain white t-shirt underneath, the best option for jeans would be black or dark grey. You see? Not hard at all.