Clutch bags that have the ability to make an outfit are hard to find. They’re like the Holy Grail of bags; you know they exist (maybe) but you wouldn’t know where to start looking to get it. This is a constant struggle for me!

I find that the best places for really offbeat and quirky clutches are New Look and ASOS. New Look always stock very girly and traditional clutches, great for a night out or evening occasion – but they’re upping their game in the quirky department.

After being inspired by Emma’s Roy Lichtenstein inspired Halloween makeup tutorial, I’ve found a Pop Art-style clutch might just change your life….



For £9.99, this clutch will really make your outfit pop. Sorry, I had to! For a casual daytime look, team it with this SUPER cute Forever 21 cropped slogan jumper, £13.50, layered on top of this slouchy H&M denim dress, £24.99.

Pick of the Week - New Look Pop Art Clutch

Who said clutch bags had to be plain and just for the evening?

Click here for the Forever 21 Jumper.
Click here for the H&M Dress.
Click here for the New Look Clutch.