Anna Landi goes through her top three celebrities who were the most stylish from last week

For last week’s Spotted, I found a sparkling outfit courtesy of style icon Olivia Palermo, a dapper looking ensemble courtesy of Mr.Selfridge A.K.A Jeremy Piven and an edgy look from the lovely Amanda Seyfried.

Celebrity number one:

Spotted: Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

For many years, I worked at H&M and I think this is where a lot of my “fashion knowledge” derived from. I got to work with the best things every day; clothes and watch how trends dipped in and out of the seasons that past us by.

If there is one thing I noticed that doesn’t really escape the firm grips of the fashion world it’s the leather jacket. Almost every female friend I have owns a leather jacket, why? Because it is the perfect cover up for almost any outfit: a pretty floral dress, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, a white shirt tucked into a tube skirt and even a printed maxi.

The leather jacket will be your saviour and your best friend as shown in excellent example by Amanda Seyfried. The Mean Girls star was flitting between press and media moments for her new film where she captures Linda Lovelace, in an unknown leather jacket, Givenchy heels, a Sachin and Babi dress and a Bottega Veneta bag. From working at H&M, I’ve learnt that they have the best imitation leather jackets around that will not cost you the earth and from experience, trust me when I say they will last you a very long time (three years and counting, guys!). The £29.99 jacket is sure to give your wardrobe that added edge shown by Amanda. Although we can’t see the remainder of Amanda’s dress, we know that it’s three things: blue, polka dotted and short – and probably super cute as well. I’ve found one from Rare via ASOS that is all of those three-slash-four things as well as a bargain. From £45 to £25 it’s a great dress to take to festivals; on holidays or even while you’re home for the remainder of the summer.

H&M Biker.. ASOS x Ra..

Celebrity number three:

Spotted: Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven

If you were glued to your screen during Mr.Selfridge whilst it was on TV like me, you will know how superb Jeremy Piven’s acting talents are. You can trust that his acting isn’t the only awesome thing he can pride himself on. Here, he is pictured with English belle Gemma Arterton at a sunny looking event. Whilst I won’t bore you for ages talking about each individual suit piece that Jeremy is wearing, (check back on past ‘Spotted’ articles, gents!) I am going to concentrate solely on those fabulous shoes that make that outfit more amazing. I think I’m going to take a huge, risky leap of faith and say that the style of Jeremy’s shoe is the humble Moccasin. Now, men and women I think can pride themselves on how their shoes can sometimes make or break an outfit. A lot of guys I know are proud when it comes to their shoes. So the idea of spending a fair bit on a decent pair of shoes – like women – is second nature, correct? So the £49.99 price tag on these gorgeous Zara Man’s moccasin is a pretty good deal, right? Let’s agree to disagree. Not only are the shoes very similar to Jeremy Piven’s, but they are real suede and will put an interesting spin on your outfit alá Mr. Selfridge himself.

Zara Moca..

Celebrity number three:

Spotted:  Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

I would just like to start by saying you can hold the applause until I’ve finished this segment, because ladies and gentlemen, I’ve found an exact match. A high street dress worn by Olivia Palermo that is easily accessible to anybody.

Olivia Palermo, also known as an ‘American Socialite’ and ‘It Girl’ was spotted out and about in America wearing the £40 ASOS Skater dress in a gorgeously summer-inspired paisley print. She teamed her dress with a ton of gold jewellery, ballet flats and a gorgeous magenta tote. The second part of my long investigation for Olivia’s outfit concluded at the gold cuff that she’s wearing. ASOS, again, came through and found a gold cuff in a similar pattern for £14. With most prints and colours, my ideal jewellery colour is silver because it’s clean it’s edgy and screams cool. But in this instance, to add that bit of class to an outfit in the same way that Olivia has done, the key is gold. Adding touches of gold as a secondary colour, the primary in this case is red/magenta, will make the outfit look more elegant.

ASOS Pais.. ASOS cuff..