Blogger Song of Style wearing her boyfriend look

We’ve seen the pinks, the sheer, the glitter and glam, sequins and sparkles, and everything else you can name. Every fashion article somewhere contains the line of ‘personalising your style,’ putting your twist on a piece of clothing to make it stand out from the crowd. But what they usually tell you in order to do this is how to make it more girly.With this look you do not have to do that. Welcome to androgyny.

Sometimes people make the mistake of assuming leather and sport luxe is the tomboy style. Sure elements may overlap but there are some ingenious looks, designed by high end brands that can get lost. So how do you do the ‘tomboy?’ And yes this can mean slinging something on and being very happy with what you wear, but if you are someone not quite so naturally attuned to slumming it quite as much here are some key tips to pull it off.

Key clothing pieces are dark frayed jeans, maybe some black skinnies or crop trousers tend to work well. A good tip: distressed denim tends to work very well for this look. Loose baggy tops; if patterned a sloganed tee can work well. River Island always have some good ones in, though it’s also worth checking out Internacionale for maybe something a little different.



Misguided Tee

Then there is the bomber jacket or blazer for layering and adding a more 3D effect. Again keep colours simple; there are many places on the high street to find a nice blazer, though it is always worth looking online. Punkyfish have a nice collection in at the moment if you are a fan of the black leathers. You never know, it might be worth investing in both, given the weather lately we have to be grateful for any extra warmth.

Black and denim are the two staple colours with this look you should keep your colour palette simple but that doesn’t have to translate as boring. If you like colour then a burgundy for a jacket or accessories could accentuate the look well, without being an overstatement. Shoes and biker boots work well but the best has to be a good pair of converse. The good thing about converse they go with a lot, but more than that they are durable. Not like the plimsoles that I remember got wet once, and took a trip to the bin the very next day!

image1xl (10)


Asos Jeans

And finally accessories, it doesn’t always have to be the oversized thick black rimmed glasses. Satchels work well for this look or other one shoulder bags. Wristbands and rings can help keep the tone of the look casual. But you can pretty much do what you want here really, given your personal preferences. One thing to bear in mind though his don’t over-do it.

The beauty to this look is its simplicity and the implication you got up this morning, drank your tea and were ready within ten minutes to start your day; whilst still managing to look good and on trend.