Every great trilogy must come to an end. Back To The Future, Star Wars, and for Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden, this is no exception.

Dan Nicholas' Conversation Garden (l-r): Lewys Holt, Dan Nicholas and Jack Britton. Photo: Heather Forknell

Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden (l-r): Lewys Holt, Dan Nicholas and Jack Britton.

For a little bit of context, if you haven’t seen the numerous posts about them in the past, Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden are a local comedy group, comprising of stand-up comedian Dan Nicholas, and his just as talented housemates, Lewys Holt and Jack Britton. During there last run of shows, Dan attempted to pit his fellows against each other in a bid to stay in the show, only to wind up losing them both.

During Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, both Lewys and Jack have fronted their own shows with aplomb, leaving Dan alone and abandoned in the garden. But being stranded there won’t stop him performing. Because in an invite only event, Dan is live streaming his show  across the internet, and in the Polar Bear at 9pm on Saturday 22nd February.

We caught up with Dan to chat about the show, and in his desperate solitude and cry for company, he took me captive. Watch the full interview below.


Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden (DNCG Part III) will take place on Saturday 22nd of February at 9pm.
You can watch it here.
Or you can see it in on the big screen at the Polar Bear: http://www.screampubs.co.uk/thepolarb…
The official festival listing is found here:

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