Topshop have brought four classic trends back to life in their A/W 2013 Lookbook including a revival of two decades and hybrid of preppy and vintage, these are:

1. The Craft

It’s never been cooler to be a goth, no seriously. Topshop’s collection of dark lace, velvet and dark florals will surely have women everywhere reaching for the eye-liner and black nail varnish. For those of us who remember this trend oh too familiarly, it’s a chance to reminisce, relive the good parts and forget the bad. For those of us who never stepped over to the dark side, it’s a chance to experiment and wear your mood on your sleeve. Remember, ‘gothic’ doesn’t mean you can’t be girly: dark florals have never been so sought after and lace is still as ladylike as it’s ever been.

What I love about this range is that it brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘ladylike’: I love the dark florals and the lace. However, I thought there would be a wider selection of dresses and I expected there to be more velvet.

Key piece


This flower slip is absolutely stunning. The front and back detail scream an equal amount of sex appeal and elegance. I love this dress and at £35, this will be a sell out item.


Scarf – £18, Top – £30, Sandals – £32, Slip – £30, Necklace – £14 & Skirt – £30.

2. ’90s Antwerp

Recently everything reminiscent of 1990s fashion has been of the grunge/hipster genre (Rihanna’s River Island collection for example). Yet, this collection reflects a very different side of 90s fashion with a more sophisticated colour palette and shapes. If you’re struggling to picture it think: Sex and the City – Season 1.

What I like about this collection is that, refreshingly, we’re being reminded that there was more to 90s fashion than just denim on top of denim. We’ve got gorgeous fabrics, flattering shapes and cool, arty prints. However, although the colour palette compliments the collection perfectly, I personally feel that it will put off some shoppers not keen on greys and watery blues and purples.

Key piece


The key piece for this trend is this gorgeous satin coat. With splits on both sides and loose tailoring, this jacket is a must have piece to add to your personal collection and only £75.



Shorts – £120, Top – £39, Shoes – £65, Shirt – £18, Shoes – £62 & Skirt – £45.

3. Margot’s World

With a trend that’s so sweet you”re sure to get a toothache, Topshop have pulled together a collection where sherbet shades and quintessential frills reign supreme. Buy the faux fur jacket, stock up on the ankle socks and throw the blacks and greys to the back of the wardrobe, as Topshop’s most unique trend of the season is for girly girls only.

With Autumn and Winter approaching, sugary shades and brights will soon have to take a back seat to allow blues, greys and dark reds to move in. However, what I love about this collection is that Topshop have made pastel colours Autumn/Winter friendly. Unfortunately, what I don’t like about this collection is that it has been created for die-hard girly girls, making it quite difficult for anyone else to shop the trend.

Key piece


This fur jacket is a gorgeous colour and size, although pricey at £250, it is 100% sheepskin so will surely keep you looking chic and feeling warm all winter- definitely a piece to look out for.

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Necklace – £14, Jumper – £46, Shoes – £68, Shorts – £32, Shoes – £55 & Top – £34.

4. This Is England

Celebrating another decade with their ‘This Is England’ inspired trend, the popular and equally gritty 1980s has also seen a revival in Topshop’s A/W look book. Think: washed out denim, check upon check upon check, faux fur and boyish silhouettes. With androgynous tailoring set to be huge this season, look nowhere else for the inspiration.

What I like about this trend is that it is one of those trends that everyone can take a piece from and work into their own personal style, regardless of their taste. The shapes and fabrics make this a collection that’s really accessible. I was, however, slightly disappointed with the accessories for this range, I thought there might be more tartan print and the collection of shoes did not leave me wanting.

Key Piece


This bomber jacket embodies this entire trend perfectly and at an affordable £58, this is a must have piece.

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Shoes – £75, Shirt – £29, Shirt – £30, Jeans – £40, Skirt – £30 & Socks – £3.50.


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