Hello again, music fans!

Ugh..not Monday again! At least there’s one thing to soften those Monday blues – the Demon Music Monday Playlist!

We have big plans in store for this week due to the fact that there’s a certain festival weekend coming up shortly (*cough*readingandleeds*cough*), so we’re rocking with our favourite tunes of the week once again. However, there will be a lovely themed playlist again next week so keep those ears pinned back in the meantime, and those eyes open for this week’s festival-themed content!

The Monday Playlist: Mid-August Love List brings you another varied selection of songs, handpicked by your music team from our personal collections, and there’s some absolute stunners this week!

As always, we hope that you find some new artists to add to your collections and some cool music to listen to during the imminent packing session for the return to DMU that is coming up shortly!

Lots of love ’til next week,

Nicola x

Music Editor, demon-media.co.uk

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1. ‘I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time)’ – Mac Miller feat. Niki Randa

Bradley Duggan (@bradley_duggan) says: “Get the listening devices out for understanding what quick rappers say, cause you’ll need it. Mac Miller is back with ‘I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time)’, the single from recently released Watching Movies With the Sound Off. Miller became popular back in 2011 with the release of ‘Frick Park Market’, which created a real buzz around the then 19-year-old. His latest single delves into a few things that people criticise him, or what he criticizes himself, for. Niki Randa provides an ethereal hook and backing vocals, with beat master AdoTheGod creating a dreamy beat that goes really well with Miller’s lyrics. The only thing that I would like is for him to be popular in the UK, as there are not many rappers UK and Worldwide that get the recognition that pop stars get with their cheesy lyrics.”

2. ‘Lifted’ – Naughty Boy feat. Emeli Sandé

Bradley says: “Naughty Boy continues to churn out the hits with this latest song, but it somehow seems to be lacking that special something highlighted in ‘La La La’. If we can cast our minds back to August 14 2011, a fresh faced and crazy haired Sande arrived with the drum’n’bass influenced track ‘Heaven’, who knew that it would create a path to stardom. After a number of awards for her debut album, including “Best Female” and “Best British Album” at the Brit Awards 2013, and the little matter of the London Olympics, means that this collaboration means big. Although that’s as good as it gets unfortunately. The collaboration is really good, but sounds too much like ‘Heaven’. Maybe I am being too picky and highlighting little things with a song that sounds a bit late for summer. In all, I am sure this will be number 1. Let’s be honest, if Miley Cyrus can get there on twerking alone then this has got it in the bag.”

3. ‘Things That Stop You Dreaming’ – Passenger

Natalie Whitehouse (@_natbcfc) says: “I recently bought Passenger’s album and I cannot get enough of it! This track, the opening to All the Little Lights, is overflowing with clever, quirky lyrics sang in Mike Rosenberg’s distinctive voice, with a folk sound that sets the tone for the rest of the record. ‘Let Her Go’ was a serious hit, but I believe ‘Things That Stop You Dreaming’ is just as good if not better. It opens up the album fantastically and is well worth a listen.”

4. ‘Forever’ – Haim

Rachael Scarsbrook (@andthe_machine) says: “This is the first song that anyone ever really heard from the 3 sisters and a mister. The harmonies are reminiscent of a Rumours era Fleetwood Mac and with a reputation for electric live performances, a killer bass face and stunning onstage banter, the NME/Radio 1 stage at the Reading & Leeds Festivals will no doubt witness another pearl of wisdom from the ever lovely Este Haim.”

5. ‘Kiss That Grrrl’ – Kate Nash

Rachael says: “Being dropped by her label and shunned by critics has only strengthened Nash’s hardy resolve, and in the process helped her find the sound that suits her perfectly. Gone are her cutesy relationship woes, and in are her fiesty put downs.”

6. ‘White Limo’ – Foo Fighters

Nicola Allen (@NicoClaireAllen) says: “This time last year, the Foo Fighters were gearing up to headline the Reading & Leeds festivals, only to announce that their Reading show would be their “last show for a long time”. Foo fans everywhere, including me, were distraught at their impromptu yet well deserved hiatus, wondering if, when and where the Foos would return. Alas, this week came the announcements that the new Foo Fighters album is written and ready to be recorded in a “way that no-one’s ever done it before”, and that the band have started rehearsing. Who knows what they’re rehearsing for (is it shows or is it this unique recording process?), but I for one am super excited. As such I’ve been blasting the most chaotic track from their last album Wasting Light, ‘White Limo’, all week  as a celebration. GOOOOOOO LIMOOOOOO!”

7. ‘Ain’t It Fun’ – Paramore

Nicola says: “This week I’ve really gotten back into Paramore’s self-titled fourth album. As a fan who wasn’t keen on the new  sound upon its release, that album has grown to become my favourite Paramore album to date. ‘Ain’t It Fun’ is arguably one of the album’s best tracks and it has been up top for seven days straight in my ‘Recently Played’ iPod playlist. Its a fun, quirky little number that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Plus Hayley has changed her hair do again – and we always have to have a Paramore listening session to celebrate that (even if the cut isn’t one of her best looks).

8. ‘Five Little Secrets’ – Ben Marwood

Ethan Williamson (@E523W) says: “Acoustic music in the same sweary, shouty vein as Frank Turner. This track from Ben Marwood blends a wonderful ear for melody and some fantastic guitar work with lyrics that are alternatively painfully relatable or frankly hilarious. Marwood recently released his second full length album, and deserves to much, much better known then he is.”

9. ‘Slow Show’ – The National

Ethan says: “The National are the kings of deeply relatable, deeply emotional, and deeply melodic. This song is, as far as I’m concerned, the epitome of those traits. Scared of being alone, scared of showing emotion – but unafraid of making the listener know it. Feel it. ‘I leaned on the wall and the wall leaned away’.”

10. ‘Getting Even’ – White Lies

Hollie Copas (@hideholliehide) says: “White Lies are a staple on the Reading & Leeds menu by now, having played in 2008, 2009, 2011 and now 2013. ‘Getting Even’, the band’s newly released track (free to download) is more upbeat than many of its predecessors on Ritual, and is accompanied with a recognisably operatic chorus as per true White Lies style. This year they will be hitting the main stage for the first time in their career; definitely a very talented band well deserved of their spot on the main stage!”

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