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CONGRATULATIONS  to all of you on your A-Level results!! Well done to all of you who collected your results and are now heading off on your chosen career paths- you all deserve a well earned pat on the back.


To you Freshers- those of you who are getting excited about moving away and starting Uni, there are a few things you should know.

Making the big move away from home to university can be a big and daunting thing for anyone to tackle, especially when leaving home for the first time. But for all of you freshers out there, and those who just need a little reminder, here is a little list of things you might just need to help you along the way.

Written for students by students, a freshers survival guide:




You will spend a lot of time in your room during your time at Uni. When you first arrive it might seem a bit uninviting and dull but remember to take that little bit of ‘you’ with you and decorate your room. You can put up pictures and posters, along with other home comforts to make your room a little less scary and give it that boost of personality. Remember to only use white tack on the walls- otherwise you can say goodbye to that deposit!



It is important that you have a well stocked cupboard at Uni- make a list of the basic things that you like to eat, such as; pasta, rice, or baked beans for example, and make sure you’ve always got some in the cupboard. That way you can always knock up some comfort food whenever you get the urge. This also applies to other areas. Remember you’re going to need cutlery, plates, glasses, pots&pans, a toothbrush, and some soap. There are only certain things you want to be sharing with your flatmates and I’m sure a toothbrush is not one of them.


*Do make sure you check your inventory list to see if there is anything else you might need*




Signing up for the local or University Doctor is really important and should be done ASAP. If you have any problems while you are at Uni, you can go to them and they can help you. It is also a good idea to have a small ‘fresher aid’ kit which has things like plasters and paracetamol in so you can cover up those blicesters and soothe those hangovers. Watch out for freshers flu! It’ll get ‘ya if you’re not careful.




It is always a good idea to look at your reading list before you come to Uni. You can get any books you need (remember you don’t have to buy them, your university library should have multiple copies of each book or you could ask your tutor if they have a copy you could borrow), and you can get a head start on any reading that needs to be done. It may sound silly, but it is also really important you have paper and pens. You’d be surprised by the amount of people who turn up to lectures with nothing.




Remembering that everyone is in the same boat is key during freshers week. You might not get along with everyone but remember to be patient with your peers. Everyone is different and you would want people to be patient with you. Respect others property and privacy, but try to be sociable.



Uni is the time where you can reinvent yourself (although the real you is always the best). You can do some soul searching and find out who you really are and who you want to be. You can make friends with a whole bunch of people you’ve probably never met before and probably never would have if you didn’t go to Uni. Be approachable and friendly and you will have the best few years of your life.




Getting to know your campus and the way your University works is of mega importance. You need to know where everything is, from your lecture halls to the nearest pub! Grab a map (usually in your welcome packs), grab a friend (usually found in your halls or class), and put on those walking shoes. Have a mooch round the campus and get a feel for where everything is and who everyone is. It’s important you get to know your personal tutor as well- if you have any problems they can always advise you on what to do and who to contact etc…



Some, maybe most of you will get a student loan, or will somehow have money. In order to survive properly at Uni, you need to learn how to budget properly. Your loan will come in three instalments but remember… once the money is gone, it’s GONE! A great way to do this is to look for banks with specific student accounts- there are a lot out there, some even come with good incentives like a free NUS Card, or a Train Pass- either way, they all have attractive qualities. I know it is tempting to spend all the money that is burning its way through all of your pockets, but remember, food is just as important as clothes! Make it last.

*Another top tip is to make a menu for the week and cook with your friends- it saves money and can be a great social activity*



One of the best ways to meet new people at Uni is to join a sports team or other society. Make sure you go the societies fair during freshers week and have a look at what your Uni has to offer. If you see something you like, why not sign up and give it a try. You never know, you might just like it. If there isn’t a club for you, you could always think about starting your own!! Anything is possible.


10)   HAVE FUN

The last thing on the list, and probably the most important item is to HAVE FUN! Yes, Uni is about working hard to get that degree, but it is also about having the time of your life and creating memories that will last a life time (if you can remember them… we know what you’re like. We were all freshers once). Take a risk, do something you wouldn’t usually do, and have a truly awesome time.


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