Hello, Music Fans!

Already we’re nearing the end of October, and you know what that means – it is almost HALLOWEEN!

To celebrate this ghoulish event, we have decided to soundtrack your week with our favourite spooky ditties. Why not have a listen whilst getting ready for the Injunction: Halloween Special – House of Horrors on Wednesday, or the Bonkerz Scare Fest on Thursday? Remember you can get your tickets online at http://www.demontfortstudents.com – be quick to avoid disappointment! Whatever your Halloween plans entail, we hope you have a great time!

On Wednesday we will be reminiscing the month of October in the music world with Harry and his Monthly Music Highlights; I wonder what gems he’ll have picked out this time? Meanwhile on Friday we’ll be getting a first reaction to the new Arcade Fire album – entitled Reflektor – with Ethan. Have you bought the band’s new album this week? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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‘Til next week,

Nicola x

Music Editor, demon-media.co.uk

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1. ‘Poison’ – Alice Cooper

Alex Underwood (@broadcasteralex) says: “The man is surrounded by urban legends, stemming from his eccentric and theatrical performances at the height of his career – but that’s no surprise considering his shows have included guillotines, electric chairs and boa constrictors with the fake blood complimentary. ‘Poison’ is one of his best know hits, and features some masochistic imagery.”

2. ‘Iron Man’ – Black Sabbath

Alex says: “The lyrics to one of metal’s most memorable songs take the listener through a tale of the apocalypse, as witnessed by the titular Iron Man (not the Marvel one), and shows his serious anger issues which come to flourish as no one believes he’s seen the future.”

3. ‘Finale/Reprise’ – Shiny Toy Guns

Tom Elliott (@tomelliottuk) says: “Danny Elfman creates some of the best soundtracks in the world. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a true testament for that and when Shiny Toy Guns covered the finale and put a more demented twist on it, it starts to sound the like a true manifestation of a nightmare.”

4. ‘Ghost Town’ – The Specials

Natalie Whitehouse (@_natbcfc) says: “Not your typical spooky Halloween song I’ll admit, but the themes of desolation and violence throughout the track evoke the classic 31st October vibes, alongside the title of the song which clearly goes hand in hand with this week’s theme! That, and it’s a brilliant and thought provoking song from one of Britain’s best ever ska bands.”

5. ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ – Rockwell

Hollie Copas (@holc93) says: “This paranoid 80’s classic is the perfect Halloween track. The video is filmed using a rushing, room-to-room sweeping camera style often seen in horrors, and the set is abundant with creepy staring men and animal heads, creating an eerie, haunted house vibe which is spooktacular! (Sorry – I had to!).
Think the track sounds a bit MJ? Well, funnily enough the Thriller king himself lent a hand in creating this song, which is potentially why it is so brilliant! It was also covered in 2009 by BeatFreakz, bringing a pulsating club beat to the song. Personally, I prefer the original and find it suits much better for the 31st!”

6. ‘Thriller’ – Michael Jackson

Sarah Seaton says: “Classic halloween anthem; bound to make you dance and scream!”

7. ‘Monster Mash’ – Bobby Pickett

Harry Dean (@harrydeansays) says: “What a classic spooky tune for Halloween! I am a great lover of cheesy music and this one really puts the icing on the cake for me this time of the year! ‘Monster Mash’ is one of those good old party tunes that was played at every disco and party when you were younger, and it has the same effect today. It never grows old for me! Time to BOOOOO-gie on down this Halloween!”

8. ‘Ghostbusters’ – Ray Parker Jr. 

Bradley Duggan (@bradley_duggan) says: “What could say halloween more than ghosts and ghouls. Ray Parker Jr’s theme tune is just as iconic as the film itself, and will never get old. If you want to sing along with any halloween themed song then this one is for you. So, who you gonna call?”

9. ‘Things That Go Bump In The Night’ – allSTARS

Nicola Allen (@NicoClaireAllen) says: “I put this on here especially for our very own Demon Girl and my DSU reception buddy, Hannah Bracegirdle. Hannah loves a bit of allSTARS (I quote: “I LOVE BUMP IN THE NIGHT”), and so do I. 90s bubblegum, halloween pop at its best!”

10. ‘Monster’ – The Automatic

Nicola says: “An absolute classic from the mid-noughties. This raucous number from the now defunct Automatic is a great one for howling along to with your mates, whilst you all swan around in your fake blood embellished outfits. Question is, what is that coming over the hill? Is it definitely a monster? Have a listen and see if you can figure it out, whilst basking in the glory of some perfectly crafted indie rock .”

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