On a dreary Sunday night, with the prospect of a storm afoot, I had the always great pleasure of sitting down for a chat with Dan Nicholas, Lewys Holt and Jack Britton, who together, make up the comedy trio Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden.

Professionalism and any normal conventions an interview might have soon flew out of the window. I met with them to promote their upcoming shows on the 2nd and 30th November as part of the season of performances in Leicester’s new pub theatre, Upstairs at the Western.

The performances will undoubtedly be a ‘you had to be there’ type of night. If you need convincing, watch the full interview below. In all 14 minutes and 22 seconds, there’s not a dull moment.

Tickets are available now. For more information on Dan Nicholas’ Conversation and Upstiars at the Western, please visit the websites below.



Tickets: www.upstairsatthewestern.com/event/dannicholasparti/