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As soon as I saw it I thought of Rihanna. It’s definitely a sporty collection with a few quirky items thrown in, like the maxi shirt (which I didn’t know those existed). Personally some of the items were definitely not to my taste, but the more I looked at each piece the more I began to appreciate each piece. The main colours scheme seems to be red, black, grey/ silver and white. There are fun prints and of course the word Puma or their symbol emblazoned on each piece. As Puma is primarily a sports brand, I think they have done well by bringing out this collection and I can see why people would want to buy some of the collection. My favourites were the Puma for printed onesie,  fluffy bomber jacket and the check print jogger. I preferred these to the rest because the Puma logo isn’t in your face, they’re subtle sports lux pieces. I liked the fact that the colours were simple and there seemed to be only three colours on each of the pieces that I liked. My overall favourite is the onesie, it looks comfortable and slouchy and it wouldn’t be frowned upon by society for me to wear this out.

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However the cheapest item is £35 and that is a crop top, my question is ‘who has £35 to spend on a crop top’. To me this collection is aimed towards teenagers and women in their 20’s and most would not want to spend that on a crop top. But I know that because it’s a labelled collection that it’s going to cost more, but at the same time the pricing doesn’t seem to match their intended audience.

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Overall, I like some of the pieces and although they are not my style I can see some people pulling them off. Click here to see the full collection.