Midi skirts are beautiful yet sophisticated, so most certainty a great staple for your Uni closet. But let’s talk about the faults for a second. For someone who is small and doesn’t have the longest of legs, the thought of wearing a midi skirt is rather daunting. So, how can we make our legs look longer?

Let’s take a look at the best midi skirts out there and how to style them!

Dorothy PerkinsRiver Island

First up is the Rust Rib Zip Front Pencil Midi Skirt. The zip and slit down the front helps to show off that perfect body figure that you have. Combine this with a white blouse and a small pair of black or nude heels for the perfect sophisticated look. If you are something a bit more patterned, then why not take a closer look at the Black Stripe Chevron Print Pencil Midi Skirt from River Island.


If you are still loving the patterned Midi Skirts then take a look at this elegant Swan Print Midi Skirt. This fun chic look is ideal to make you stand out from the crowd, especially when it’s combined with a beautiful blouse or shirt, and a pair or heels or flats.


Now, this is my personal favourite. The Boutique Tallulah Tulle Mesh Full Circle Midi Skirt is ideal to make you feel like a modern day princess. Ranging in three pastel colours: Pink, blue and yellow, this will pair beautifully with a white lace crop and some nude or white heels.

New Look

Finally, you can never turn down the perfect button up skirt, so why not check out the Navy Corduroy Button Front Midi Skirt. There could not be a better casual midi skirt out there and pairing this with the perfect blouse or shirt will allow your style to go from high street to high fashion in seconds.

Heels may make your legs look longer, but they are also not very practice for the walks around Leicester! So why not consider a cute pair of pumps, or some ankle boots, they will give you a little high whist adding more comfort to your feet.