unnamed (1)ImJennIm, as that is the name of the app, is a beautifully designed and laid out platform, a bit like Instagram, but much, much more fashion- focused and creative.

As Jenn said herself in an interview with ‘Bustle’, the app was created to make interacting with her subscribers easier. But, even if you are not that crazy about Jenn (just visit her channel, you will be straightaway), it would still make a great source of inspiration.

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On ImJennIm, you can post your daily looks using the #OOTD hashtag, as well as comment, share and rate other people’s ones. Jenn has also created outfit themes, mostly seasonal (last one was “Beat the Heat”), which she then flicks through and picks an Outfit Of The Week.

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As Jenn has always been encouraging to take risks and play with fashion, the app also features a ‘take the plunge’ theme, where you can put a #takingtheplunge stamp on your own everyday risks, even if it’s just a no-makeup face, brave dress or sky high heels.

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The general thought behind the app is to be bold, embrace and celebrate the unique style of others and yourself, and obviously – create a more personal connection between Jenn and her followers.


Go, download and begin a new fashion journey with Jenn!