As Halloween looms, this is the perfect time to think about an outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd. This tutorial is simple and easy to achieve and has a dramatic design, which will bring your Halloween costume to life – or after life!

This week I really recommend the Tesco Beauty Nail Polish Remover. For an own brand product this is surprisingly effective and you only ever need to use one or two splashes on a cotton pad to remove all of your nail varnish.

For this tutorial I used:
Maybelline Colour Show – Blackout
Maybelline Colour Show – Winter Baby
Collection Work the Colour – Lady in Red
Next – Claret
Barry M Base & Top Coat
A pin

Note: I would paint this design one nail at a time, as this requires you to work at a fast pace.

To start this design, apply a base coat to protect your nails.

Nightmare nails 1
Once that has dried, add a layer of white polish, and then keep adding layers until it is a solid colour and not see-through.
Nightmare nails 2
Just after you’ve added the final layer of white, apply blobs of the dark red nail varnish round the edge of the nail.
Nightmare nails 3
By working quickly, use the pin to blend the red into the white by dragging down. Whilst blending you need to keep in mind that the design is meant to look like blood!
Nightmare nails 4
Next, apply blobs of the brighter red colour on the edge of the nail. Once again, blend this in before the nail dries.
Nightmare nails 5
Once your nails are dry apply a topcoat to make the design last longer.
Nightmare nails 6


I really like this design because you can choice any combination of colours to suit you.

Have you tried this technique?
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