A mane of platinum hair, prominent cheekbones and a sexy, fierce look from under the heavy eyeliner. You probably already know who am I talking about, but if not, it’s Debbie Harry – the lead singer in the punk rock band, Blondie.

You may knew her before from the great hit ‘ One Way or Another’, but it’s really the effortless, rebellious style of Debbie’s we are here for – at least that has not been butchered by One Direction.

Dressing up the way Blondie used to should not give you too much of a headache, as she was definitely the member of ‘I wanna look like I don’t care’ club – worn-looking t-shirts, ripped denim and messy hair that for some reason give you the look like you spent hours putting your outfit together is what every student wants, right?

The absolute staple in Debbie’s wardrobe has to be her collection of cool 90’s print and slogan t-shirts – something you can easily get your hands on either in vintage shops or high street, as they never got out of style. A few words on your top can be a great conversation starter, as well as a way to express yourself.

Next comes the immortal denim, in any form, wash and style you like it! Debbie sometimes wore denim head to toe, but if you are not feeling that extreme, just get a

denim jacket or simply a pair of distressed jeans – voila! It really holds the power to make you look like a 90’s basement gig fiend, doesn’t it?

Now onto the patterns – stripes, polka dots, or even leopard – your choices are literally indefinite. We went for the classic b&w stripes on a skort, which you can swap for some leggings for everyday or chuck on thick tights when it gets chilly.

We kept the accessories black and grungy in order to avoid making Blondie cute – we are certainly not after cute here. Along with some rock and roll glasses and bag, a choker is a very simple piece, but it adds a bad girl element to any outfit; same goes for cut out, chunky boots, buckles, studs or even safety pins if you want the true punk vibe.

Although Debbie’s style was quite androgynous, she still managed to look feminine and attractive thanks to tight-fitting garments and random pops of colour- we decided to throw in this baby pink beanie to break the slightly grungy look and add a bit of girliness.

There you go, a simple and extremely versatile interpretation of Blondie’s style, which you can tweak to match your personal preferences – make sure you try this look for a night out in Mosh.