Situated within the heart of Leicester, DMU boasts a vast range of university opportunities through an academic, multicultural and community-driven perspective within our UK society today.

I personally am overwhelmed to be a member of this institution, and I am excited to uncover and be a part of the successes of the university. This has a large part to do with DMU students.

Many people stereotype university students for several reasons. This may be due to the fact that university lifestyles are considered an epic get-away from reality where we indulge ourselves in partying and drinking non-stop whilst living off the student loans fairy-tale.

However, as a final year student, I can openly express that DMU is definitely an academic establishment that enhances learning rather than detracts from it.

It continuously strives to boost student progress through diverse activities and encourages ambition. My years here have been an experience that I would wish for all students to have across Britain.

The start of October showed how supportive we are in caring for our community; by helping the Anthony Nolan Register and Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign with their #RaceTo1000 initiative in registering students as potential bone marrow donors.

Upon breaking the record for the most students registered previously, we reached the 1000 target in one day, which is a new record. It is evident we, as students, care more about just simply going to university for the average 3-4 years of our course and obtaining a degree.  Instead, we wish to help society and get involved for people’s health and well-being.

As much as every university student believes it’s vital to enjoy and make the most of university life, there is no harm in supporting, using and joining the university’s facilities too right?

This is how we grow up as people to make time management essential within our daily commitments in life.   The real commitments of a graduate befall us after this final stage of education, so it’s crucial we don’t succumb to the degrading stereotypes of the `average` university student.

With the multitude of placement and employability opportunities, celebration of diverse culture and being a society-supportive institution, it will be a privilege to embark on your university experience here.

DMU’s a fabulous and promising place to be, so why aren’t you getting involved? What other stereotypes have you heard about University students? Tweet us @TheDemonPaper with #TheCWord.

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