Georgia Battel

Is that a massive lamppost or a tiny secretary?

The Comedy Committee aren’t the overlords of humour, just the committee of DMU’s Comedy Society.

Georgia Battell is actually now on a very exciting placement in London, but she’s also still our secretary.

How long have you been in DMU Comedy Society?

I’ve been in the society 10 months something days.

Why did you join?

I joined because I wanted to do something no one expected me to do and thought I might be funny.

Who is /are your favourite comedian(s)?

Dara O Brian, Robin Williams, Dawn French, Bill Bailey, Alan Davies, Shappi Khorsandi.

What was your favourite Comedy Society moment?

That’s a difficult question there’s so many moments to remember. I think it would have to be the rush I got after my first set nothing really can put it into words.

Why should Freshers join DMU Comedy Society?

Freshers should join the society because we are a society like no other, you cannot talk or meet up for weeks and then suddenly you’re there on social and it’s like you never left. A family of curiosities and laughs awaits any fresher who joins this marvellous group of people.